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Shake the Disease Pt. VI: Shadow Play (standard:fantasy, 1111 words) [6/11] show all parts
Author: JenkisAdded: Nov 21 2000Views/Reads: 1932/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Tai gets a new toy while Drakon starts his whimsical descent into utter detachment.

“You did it, didn’t you?” Tai stormed into his room that morning at
dawn, awakening him from a deep dreamless slumber. “What, Tai, what?” 
he sat up, dazed and his eyes stuck with sleepglue. She jumped on the 
bed and slapped him across the face. Hard. Drakon looked at her in 
astonishment, he’d never seen her mad before. Her skin was even paler 
than usual, only her cheeks were blushing deep crimson, which made her 
look as if she were running a fever. “You brought that boy here! 
Couldn’t even kill him!” she was glaring at him, her bright eyes 
darkening. “What are you talking about?” he said. But suddenly it all 
came back to him. The night before. Elrych’s room. Elrych passing out 
in his arms and his not being able to finish what he’d started. “Now we 
have this mortal kid running around the castle screaming bloody 
murder!” she slapped him again, softer now, “Good God, Drakon, are you 
so thoroughly stupid? Do you not know what this could mean for you?” 
she was staring at him “Tai, I just . . .” he couldn’t find the words. 
But he knew that today would have been the day he was to marry Sioux, 
“Where is he?” “I locked him up in a chamber downstairs. I have to 
admit, he’s not that bad. He is beautiful and his feistiness makes him 
all the more sensual. But how could you  do that, Drakie? Just leave 
him lying around the castle?” she frowned at him. He decided to let her 
earlier comment pass unacknowledged. “You hit me,” he suddenly 
reflected “Yes, I did,” she stared at him as if he was being a child 
again “Why?” he softly said “Because you could’ve gotten yourself 
killed and I don’t want you to!” she suddenly grabbed him by the hair 
and pulled him to her, covering his mouth with hers. He tasted blood. 
“You don’t?” he raised his eyebrows in wonder “No,” she was frowning 
“But, why?” he asked “Because you’re mine. Mychael gave you to me and 
you’re mine,” her eyes were fierce and she seemed to be somewhere off 
far away within her own mind. 

*  *  * 

She walked into Elrych’s chamber at noon, with a bit of water in a cup.
He sat on the floor, stripped down to a pair of trousers, and looked up 
at her with a mixture of awe, fear and anger. “Where am I?” he said 
when she got on both of her knees and stared into his eyes. She struck 
him across the face and he looked at her, clearly angry but mostly 
confused. “You will only speak when I give you permission,” she 
explained, her voice as cold as ice. All slaves had to be trained this 
way if they were meant to live in the power of a True Blood. He stared 
at her now, his anger rising and his eyes glazing over with pain as 
blood started to flow from a scratch at the side of his face. “Hope 
that doesn’t leave a scar,” Tai commented aloud, but not to him. He 
kept staring at her as if she weren’t really there and he was thinking 
that although he would like to kill her, he would also love to have her 
in his arms. “What is your name, boy?” she coldly asked “Boy? I look 
older than you, little girl,” he grinned. She struck him hard across 
the mouth and he flinched. “What is your name?” she asked again 
“Elrych,” he said “Elrych, what?” she raised a brow “Elrych Wylken,” he 
replied. She struck him again, but did not scratch “From now on you 
will refer to me as Master, understood?” she said. She hated the term 
“Mistress,” to her it meant something entirely different. “Yes, 
Master,” she could tell that he hated the words coming out of his mouth 
and she loved it “What is your name, slave?” she asked once again 
“Elrych Wylken, Master,” he barely spat the words at her. “And how old 
are you, Elrych Wylken, my slave?” she placed a cool hand on his thigh, 
he looked down at it and then back at her, still angry, his eyes 
burning with green fire. “I am eighteen, Master,” he said. She smiled 
and stood up, looking down at him with an expression of amusement 
imprinted on her young features. “Get up, slave,” she said and he 
obeyed. She looked him up and down as she started to walk around him. 
He was definitely gorgeous, with a extremely well-built body of a slim 
frame and slightly pale skin. He possessed a few freckles, natural with 
redheads, and she noticed the bit of hair that trailed down his lower 
stomach leading to his sex was a darker red, almost brown. “Hmm,” she 
said, “Drop your trousers.” He obeyed her again, swiftly. She got on 
her knees as he crossed his hands behind his back, looking down at him. 
She encircled his penis with one hand and watched it harden as he 
gasped. “All right,” she looked up at him, a trace of a smile on her 
lips, “You will be my slave from now on, understood?” He nodded 
eagerly, hot with embroiled arousal. She smiled as she started to 
stroke him lightly as he shivered, still looking at her confusedly. She 
stopped and got up in front of him, the cup of water was still in her 
other hand. “Put on your clothes, slave,” she said and he reluctantly 
did so, his eyes and flesh burning for her touch. “Are you thirsty, 
slave?” she asked, almost playful. “Yes, Master,” he sighed. “You may 
have some water,” she said. He reached out but before he reached the 
cup she let it slip off her fingers, so that the water spilled on the 
floor. “Oops,” she smiled. He positively glared at her. “You can still 
drink it from the floor,” she raised her eyebrows so she looked almost 
sweet. Almost. “I will not,” he replied. She kicked him in the stomach, 
which caused him to double over in pain. “That was not a suggestion, 
slave, it was an order,” she said “Yes,” he got on his knees “Yes, 
what?” she said “Yes, Master,” he started to lick the water off the 
floor. She looked down at him and laughed. 

Drakon stood by the door, silently watching as such a smile crept upon
his lips that he looked like someone else. 

*  *  * 

In her room, Sioux stirred in her sleep, suddenly troubled by a dream
where Drakon wasn’t Drakon at all but some sort of evil thing that 
attacked her. 


This is part 6 of a total of 11 parts.
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