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Pedagogy Of Love (standard:romance, 4051 words)
Author: Elizabeth SpencerAdded: Apr 20 2003Views/Reads: 2212/1443Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A romantic tale of tug-of-war between love and logic. I have revised and editied using the respected adivse of "you" my fellow writers. Please keep the feedback coming. I hope you find this a better read now! Who ever responds if you have

Pedagogy of Love 

Second week in January and I had just arrived in the well-scrubbed City
of Sacramento. First items on my list are to find a job and check out 
the admission requirements for UC Davis and California State. Smoothing 
the folds in my dress I head for the mirror for one last check. My dark 
hair shining from the light cascading through the side window. I smile 
at the slender, healthy, middle-aged woman I see. The future looks 
bright and I am anxious to get it started. I have aspirations of 
becoming an civil engineer. And this aspiration and allot of diligence 
has lead me back to my native state of California. Both Cal. State and 
Cal. Davis have an excellent engineering departments and this woman is 
about to become their newest student. First things first, empolyment is 
a must! Grabbing my breif case I flip off the bedroom light and head 
out for my next interview. I got lucky and found a temporary job as a 
leasing consultant for an active seniors community. I was way over 
qualified but it was only a three-month stint, long enough to get 
myself settled and find something permanent. 

New jobs always take a few days of acclamation, I said to myself as I
looked around my small office. “Yes, Lori your 5'4” frame fits this 
chair perfectly”, I thought as I snuggled up behind my desk. My desk 
faced a pair of full-length windows that gave me a clear view of the 
clubhouse used by the community tenants. I watched as these 
well-mannered senior citizens mingle. It was a nice Christian 
atmosphere I thought.  The clubhouse was large and had areas for a big 
screen television, pool table and game table for cards and the like. 
From my desk I could see a conversational area with a couch flanked on 
either side by two comfortable chairs, facing a gas-fueled fireplace. 
The color scheme was a soothing selection of teal and maroon 
upholstery, accented with wood gain tables and the rich greenery of 
plants. I had just risen from my desk when something caught my 
attention from the common room. A swarm of white haired little old 
ladies were rushing this six foot one, handsome, white pony tailed 
haired man through the clubhouse and out the door. I chuckled at the 
sight and Sue, the assistant manager looked up as they went out the 
door.  That is Allen Allbright, she said. He is a really nice guy, took 
one of our senior ladies to a motorcycle rally one year.  Her husband 
was a motorcycle enthusiast and Allen thought she would enjoy it. Sue 
smiled broadly as she remembered; she had a great time, didn't talk of 
anything else for weeks! I grinned thinking how wonderful people can be 
to one another. I turned towards my office glancing once more toward 
the door of their departure and good spiritedly wondered what they all 
were up too. A few days later Mr. Allbright appeared at my office door. 
He asked me my name and said he just stopped by to welcome me to the 
fold so-to-speak. I was struck by his virial demeanor and his youthful 
attitude. Yes, he defiantly was a fine looking man around 55ish years 
young I would guess. I felt instantly attracted to him. There was a 
brief awkward silence between us and I asked his name. As I did a very 
gentle feeling enveloped me. I repeated his name allowed “Allen 
Allbright” and it sounded so lovely he smiled. Inside I was saying 
“Mrs. Allen Allbright”, and feeling slightly uncomfortable and worried 
that my thoughts might be showing on my face. He looked at me with a 
tender smile and nodded yes.  I felt confused and so did he, for he 
seemed unable to move for a moment? Then he found his composure beneath 
a veneer of thought and with a smile gracefully left my office. For a 
few Idol moments the shadow of his six foot one, broad shouldered 
physique lingered in my mind inspiring me to grin at myself. 

After our introduction I didn't see him for weeks. I wondered privately
where he might have gone but put him out of my mind and happily went on 
with my everyday thoughts and life. Then one morning as I went for 
coffee, I turn the corner from my office door and found him sitting on 
the couch watching the big screen television. He was the only person in 
the room and I was surprised at myself at how excited I was to see him 
again. He looked up at me with this sexy; self-assured grin and nods a 
hello. If there is one thing I find sexy in a man it is when he is 
oozing self-confidence and self-control. His viral, controlled demeanor 
set the embers ablaze. “Yes”< I know what you're thinking, “Lustful 
Woman”, and you are absolutely right. He was pushing all the right 
buttons to arouse the passions within me. And acted like he didn't have 
a clue how he was affecting me. As humiliating as it is for a man-eater 
of a woman to say, for him it was easily accomplished.  We kibitzed in 
verse for a short few minutes. I asked him if he wanted me to buy him a 
cup of coffee {Joke being that coffee is free} bringing a smile to both 

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