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All Sweetness an Love. (standard:humor, 311 words)
Author: Emilio VendittiAdded: Nov 26 2000Views/Reads: 2510/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A very short story about a girl eating a nutela snack. She likes it.

All Sweetness and Love. By Emilio Venditti. 

She reached her hand into the kitchen drawer and pulled out a knife. 
Then she opened the cupboard to the left of her leg and pulled out a 
few slices of wholemeal bread,(not the white crap) and a new jar of 

Gripping the lid she gave it a twist.  It popped gratifyingly. 

She inserted the knife into the thick chocolate spread, and pulled out
the biggest blob of the stuff possible.  After spreading it thickly on 
the bread - nearly one centimetre in depth - she placed it down, 
gently, on the kitchen counter.  The fruitbowl was successfully raided 
and in her hand she held a ripe, yellow banana. 

Not a single black mark.  No mould.  With a perfectly symmetrical bend. 
A rainbow of a bend, minus six of the seven pretty colours.  The bin 
met with the banana peel and was happy to have been chosen as the 
peel's last resting place. 

The girl again took hold of the knife.  She sliced the near-perfect
banana into small pieces and carefully placed the segments onto the 
chocolate-coated bread.  Raising the edible masterpiece to eye-level, 
she examined her work: top class. 

She opened her mouth, and inserted a juicy-looking corner of the snack.
(Can't really call it a snack as it was closer to being the size of a 
meal.) She bit down. 


He woke up. 

Thank God - it was only a nightmare.  He took the sheet off his bed, it
was too hot.  With his hands, he wiped the sweat off his face.  
Flicking on his bedside lamp, he glanced around his small bedroom. 

Halle-bloody-lujah, his banana collection was intact. 

All his banana memorabilia, banana photos and models of bananas, were
all the same as he had left them. "No bananas were massacred this 
night", He thought. "But what about tomorrow?" 


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