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the Quest of Catmandu (standard:fantasy, 3476 words) [2/6] show all parts
Author: nightshadeAdded: Sep 14 2000Views/Reads: 2276/1146Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
as the princess and her bodyguards continue their journey, they meet an old friend and make a new one.

The Quest Of Catmandu chapter 2 by nightshade and chris dahl 

"That's too far to go in one day." Tynak exclaimed. "We overdid it." "No
wonder we were so tired by the end of the day." Charval chimed in. "One 
hundred and five miles is too far for one day, you're right." Shae 
admitted, swallowing a chunk of elk. "So, fifty, sixty miles maybe?" 
Charval proposed. "Yeah, that'll be better." Tynak agreed. "Here's a 
better idea." The princess suggested. "We take our time and go as far 
as we decide each day." "Or," She smiled. "We forget about worrying and 
think about, picking a spot on the map to reach." A pause. "Naaah." The 
bodyguards chorused. "Besides, aren't we supposed to learn as much as 
we can instead of trying to go as far as we can?" Charval asked. 
"Definitely." Tynak said. "Alright." Shae huffed. "Let's get going." 

The debate was pointless. There was no hurry, no-one urging them to
complete the journey by a set time. The whole purpose, from start to 
finish, was to learn what they could, correct any injustice, give help 
to any who needed it, and above all to take their time. The sun was 
close to touching the horizon by the time they reached the next 
watercourse, Falcon river. Shae pulled out the map and smiled. The 
bodyguards sighed behind her. "Falcon river, ladies." Shae announced. 
"Yeah, but where along Falcon river?" Tynak asked. The princess studied 
the map. "We've been heading due south, so we should be near this 
bridge." She said, indicating the second bridge along the river on the 
map. "What about that camp right there?" Tynak asked, pointing to an 
'X' near the bridge. "What about it?" Shae shrugged. "Could we try to 
make it before we stop for the day?" Charval asked. "Why not?" Shae 
agreed. "Besides, if this map is accurate, then i know who used to live 

The sun was now gone, leaving a red sky. With the Emerald forest behind
them, it seemed darker, but the Tiger clan's princess still spotted a 
rickety old sign with ease. "I was right." Shae laughed. "Right about 
what?" Charval inquired. "Whose camp is this?" "See for yourself." Shae 
grinned, pointing to the sign. "Your uncle Danyx." Tynak smiled. "Now 
this place looks familiar, we used to come here as cubs." "You just 
remembered." Charval joked. "So it didn't click in right away, kill 
me." "Come on ladies." Shae beckoned, "Let's get set up for the night." 

Soon a fire was burning in the pit, and the ladies were stretched out.
as the bodyguards slumbered, Shae withdrew a piece of paper from her 
sack. She kept the sheet protected between two flat blocks of wood and 
kept it with her all the time. It was a picture of Faelix and Lynnar, 
drawn by Tomal not long before she died. It was a perfect 
representation and the young princess treasured it immensely. She 
looked at it for a short while as the campfire flickered, putting it 
away after bidding her distant loved ones a silent goodnight. 

The morning came and the threesome woke to chirping birds and a bunch of
frogs at choir practice by the river. While wishing for more variety in 
their breakfast, Charval noticed the oddity of the camps natural decor. 
Trees. They were six miles from the nearest forest, yet this camp had 
trees in it, and not just any trees... they were apple trees. Two dozen 
strong growing, beautiful apple trees. yellow apples. Jackpot. Tynack 
was thinking the same sentiment about variety and soon found a bunch of 
wild lettuce and radishes growing beside the opening to the camps 
winter cave. Shae was in on the search as well and before long found 
some liquorice root and giant parsley. 

As they ate their discoveries along with the elk meat from yesterday,
the map was pulled out and examined. The first visit was to Cheetah 
territory. The island itself to be exact. On the map, Shae noticed a 
boat dock at the end of Border river as it emptied into the Emerald 
strait. Fifteen miles inland along the river was another abandoned 
camp. It would take three, maybe four days to reach that camp at a 
leisurely pace. 

The day was shaping up to be another warm one, as they decided to go
jump in the river for a bit before leaving. They splashed around and 
wrestled, dunking each other, but it stopped there after Shae was 
dunked. As she came up for air, she was looking straight up, and saw a 
large bird flying overhead. A large bird that looked eerily and 
excitedly familiar. "Charval, Tynak, look!" She said and pointed. "Is 
that..." Charval stopped in borderline disbelief. "What i think it is?" 

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