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The Quest of Catmandu (standard:fantasy, 2893 words) [3/6] show all parts
Author: nightshadeAdded: Dec 27 2000Views/Reads: 1695/1139Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
plans are put in motion to aid the cheetah clan

the Quest of Catmandu by nightshade and chris dahl chapter 3 

Ninety-three miles north-east along Border river, territory guard Umax
and chief hunter Darnec sat by the fire-pit for tea after helping the 
others in camp settle back into their surroundings. It didn't take 
long, since guard Raket and her mate Rarcat were the only others there 
at the time. Karo had gone with Parnak to see the holy woman home and 
visit a little longer. Rhachyl, of course, was with the princess and 
the bodyguards to see them off at the Border river boat dock. with the 
sun about to come up, Rhachyl should be on her way back. 

Umax went to her camouflaged lean-to to clean and repair her weapons and
tools, leaving the chief hunter the opportunity to retreat to the river 
to wash herself. 

she had just crawled out and shook herself off when she saw Talon appear
out of nowhere and land on her sitting boulder, with a note tied to her 
leg. "hello, Talon. you have a message from the princess, i see." 

The falcon squawked as the message was removed, and Darnec smiled to
herself as she watched the bird take off and fly in a small circle 
before landing again. the letter was unrolled and read, being thrown 
away just after as Darnec ran to the camp, screaming. "Umax! 
Uuuummaaax!!!" "what?" the woman yelled as she shot from her tent. "get 
the messenger birds ready to go. Now! We're needed!" 

Later, Karo was gathering her things to leave Parnak's camp. the
medicine woman had restocked her pharmacopeia, having gone through the 
holy woman's extensive garden and drying the items on her herb rack. 
she had just grabbed her medicine bag to hang it over her shoulder when 
she was interrupted by a bird. shortly after, both her and Parnak were 
going full tilt towards the Border river dock on the holy woman's 

"how long before they start showing up?" Tynak asked after taking a sip
of tea. "I'm pretty sure Karo should be here by nightfall." Shae said. 
"that is..if she's at her camp." Rhachyl shrugged. "i mean at our 
camp." "wait, you guys."Charval jerked with recollection. "the day we 
left, i remeber Karo saying something about going to Parnak's." "who is 
on whose way?" Chevelle asked, appearing from the camp's underground 
winter cave. "good morning Chevellle," Shae greeted. "feeling any 
better?" "very much so..thank you. i haven't felt this good for a 
couple of quarter months." "good..excellent." Rachyl voiced after 
rotating a couple of spitted beavers over the fire. "come join us for 
the morning meal." "My thanks again, my friends." the cheetah woman 
paused. "but i would like to go wash up first." "by all means," Shae 
allowed. "we're not going anywhere." 

fifteen minutes later, the beavers were off the spit and divided.
Chevelle returned and sat as grace was spoken to precede the eating. 
More time was taken on this meal, with every bite being savored by all. 
Berry juice was enjoyed afterwards while they watched the flames claim 
the spit. 

"so..what were you discussing?" Chevelle heaved with satisfaction. "i
have information that you will wish to take home with you..ambassador." 
Shae announced. "i don't..what information?" "help has been initiated 
and will soon be arriving. first..our medicine woman, Karo, should 
arrive by dusk with our holy woman, Parnak. they will see you home, so 
will Rhachyl, and will help care for your clan until mine comes across. 
they will be bringing meat and other foods for immediate well as a large number of game and other wildlife to 
replace  your island's stocks. plants and other vegetation are 
included. every kind of plant is on the inventory, so that all bases 
will be covered depending on what you require." 

it took further explanations to convince Chevelle of the efficiency of
the work that would be done and the tactics and tools that would be 
used in the process. 

For the most immediate plan, Chevelle voiced her questions about when
Karo would arrive, or Parnak, for that matter. Talon's return with a 
note confirmed Charval's information about Karo visiting Parnaks camp. 
at the point, Shae produced the map, which the Cheetah woman had heard 
of but never seen. she stared with mouth agape at the colorful 

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