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Fishing Lessons (standard:humor, 294 words)
Author: ComshawAdded: Sep 14 2000Views/Reads: 3031/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My neighbor try's to teach me to be a fisherman

Fishing Lessons 

When I was twelve our neighbor, who knew everything, decided he would
teach me the correct way to catch fish. 

"Come Saturday I'll take you to the lake, show you how it's really
done," he said. Saturday morning we drove to the lake, launched the 
boat, tied it to a cleat, moved the truck to the parking area and 
walked back to the dock. 

"Your first lesson," he said, "is how to put the drain plug in a half
submerged boat and bail out the water after." 

We bailed the boat, then motored to the middle of the lake. 

"Now observe; I will demonstrate the fine art of fly casting." 

This as he made several false casts, feeding out line in a smooth
motion. My eyes were on the water, waiting for the sight of a Royal 
Coachman fly touching down gently upon the surface; when the line 
slapped down in a tangle. A long string of profanities followed. 

"Your next lesson is how to remove a Royal Coachman, imbedded in an ear,
without harming either," he said. 

After the lesson on hook removal, with a quick exercise on the
application of disinfectant and Band-Aids to a torn, bleeding ear, we 
continued fishing. After sunset we motored back to the launch. When we 
arrived he backed the trailer to the ramp. 

"Now I will show you how to quick-load a boat, by driving it on the
trailer," he said, firing up the motor. 

On the way home he said, "Come over to my house tomorrow; I'll show you
how to repair a bent propeller." 

When I walked into the house, my father asked if I had learned anything
about the correct way to be a fisherman. 

"Yes, I did," was my answer.


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