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ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN EVIL-LAND (standard:humor, 1438 words)
Author: D. L. MorganAdded: Dec 08 2003Views/Reads: 1996/1268Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The first chapter of a book I’m working on. Comments are welcome. Alice and her uncle warp into the future where music is evil and tubing can be dangerous. Enjoy. Dale

Alice's Adventures in Evil-Land 

Duey Miller 


1 Tripping to Phoenicia. 

2 Live Music. 

3 Tubing Anyone? 

Chapter 1 

Tripping to Phoenicia 


Alice had always wanted to ride in her uncle's car. He drove a red 69
mustang. One day he had offered a ride, and her dad said it was ok. She 
leaped into her uncle's car. 

"Where we going?” Alice asked. 

"To Johnson Ford to look at a new mustang. A friend of mine works there.
He wants to show me the car he built." 

"Cool," Alice replied. 


Mike was working on his car when Alice and her uncle arrived. Mike's car
was also a mustang and a lot newer than her uncle's. It was silver and 
had large mag wheels. 

"Hey Mike. Nice car," Alice's uncle said as he got out of his car.
"Where did you get that engine?" 

"Out of that wreck," Mike replied, pointing to a DeLorean that was
almost completely striped. 

Alice went over to the wreck, and jump up and down on the DeLorean's
roof.  She always wanted to jump on the roof of a car and thought that 
this car would be ok. After all who would care? Just then a white 
rabbit ran from underneath. 

"Come over here. We're going to test drive Mike's car!" Alice's uncle
shouted over to Alice. 

Alice was about to chase the white rabbit, but got into Mike's silver
mustang instead. 

"This baby is fast," Mike bragged. 

"Faster than a 429 with nos?" Alice's uncle bragged back. 



They went up route 28, by the time they reached the 209 overpass the
outside view changed. It started to blur, everything was changing and 
Alice felt as if she was falling. Not going forward, but down. Mike 
looked over at Alice's uncle and laughed. 

"My boss is always saying, 'YOU'RE LATE, YOU'RE LATE,' “Mike said
crazed, "And I'm never going to miss a date with this car." 

"Stop!" Alice cried. 

"Hey Mike, cool it. You're scaring my niece." 

Mike slammed on the brakes and Alice's chest hurt from the force on the

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