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Oscar in Wonderland (standard:humor, 1125 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Dec 14 2003Views/Reads: 2474/1529Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Further Adventure of Alice and the White Rabbit in Wonderland

The white rabbit looked at his watch, for the hundredth time that day. 
Slipping it back into his pocket, he cried, “I'm late, I'm late,” and 
ran off through the field of sunflowers. 

He ran, crushing the petals and stems beneath the treads of his blue
loafers.  The field seemed to stretch for the longest distance, as he 
ran, and ran.   Panting, he stopped to rest, and look at his watch for 
the hundred and first time.  “Half past fifteen. Half past fifteen.” 
was his cry as he looked around, still panting and eyes bugging in 
anxiety.  He was late, late, very late. 

“Hey, Oscar, what's new?” came a cry from his right, or was it left, he
could never seem to get the two straight.  Now, it was funny but he 
knew the difference between front and rear, also back and there, but 
not between right and left. 

Oscar, the rabbit, looked to what he thought was his right, and seeing
nothing but flowers, then looked to what was left, which was his left.  
Right there, to his right, stood that pesky Alice.  No wonder he was 
confused.  He was always confused when she was around. 

“What you want today, Alice?”  He struggled to get out between pants. 
“Can't you see I'm late already?”  He looked at his watch for the One 
Hundred and twice time.  It said fifteen fifty twelve, very later than 

“The Red Queen sent me to get you, we better hurry,”  Alice shivered,
“or off with your head.” 

Off the two ran, through the field of flowers, then the fairy forest,
finally they came to a vast two foot wide river, the largest in 
Wonderland.  Alice jumped nimbly across, but Oscar came to a screaming 
halt.  Screaming in fear, he dug his loafers in at the very edge, 
shivering in fright.  He was deathly afraid of water.  He was so afraid 
that he drank only tea.  Weak tea at that. 

“Hurry over, Oscar, if you value your neck.  It is hard to find a place
to put your head without it.” 

“I can't, I can't,” whimpered Oscar, shivering on the bank.  He took out
his checkered handkerchief and wiped his brow, taking time to look at 
his watch for the one hundred and three time that day.  Fifteen eighty 
two, and late. 

“Use the bridge, and hurry.”  She instructed, just as a bridge came
running up.  There were only two bridges for the whole river and they 
spent their time running up and down each side, to accommodate 
everyone.  The bridge hurried to throw his end over the river and 
exclaimed, “Toll please, You must pay your toll.  Nickle one way dime 
the other, pay in advance.” 

“Which way's the nickle?  Asked Alice, Her dimes were scant.. 

“The way you aren't,” grommed the bridge, “always, the way you aren't.” 

Oscar hurriedly inserted four slugs and got two in return.  He ran
across to a “Thank You.” from the bridge.  Bridges were always polite.  
Away they all ran.  Alice and Oscar to the Red Queen and the bridge ran 
down the river to it's next customer. 

When they arrived the Red Queen, Mad Hatter, Larry and Moe were waiting
to start their football practice.  They reported to the Red Queen, 
resplendent in her purple shoulder and knee pads. 

“Glad to see you on time for a change, “ she smiled at Oscar, “How did
you do it?” 

Alice blushed at the compliment, as did Oscar.  Did you ever see a
rabbit blush? 

“I snuck over to his cave this morning and set his watch ahead.” 
Admitted Alice. 

The Queen chose sides, they always do, and they lined up for a game.  A
deck of cards playing against them.  The Red Queen was, of course the 

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