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Smilin' Jack - Historical Western Comedy- long (standard:humor, 6339 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Dec 18 2003Views/Reads: 2530/1528Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Pinkerton Detective's Adventures Chasing a Beautiful Lawbreaker Across the Old West.

Sam Johnson waited on the platform in back of the train station, in
Asawipe Wyoming, the year was 1889.  He had been assigned a new partner 
in his hunt for the notorious bandit, Smiling Jack.  Jack had been 
eluding him for the last six months. 

He had finally, through an informant, found out Jack was taking the
11:40 train to Yuma.  Smiling Jack was a master of disguise.  He had so 
far managed to fake out Sam by posing as a plumber, a Literature 
professor and even an aging Diva. 

There were no pictures of Smiling Jack and Sam had never seen him
undisguised.  That was why he had a new partner, one who had known the 
outlaw on another occasion.  Someone who could recognize him on sight. 

“Is your name Sam?”  A voice asked, startling the detective. 

Sam looked around and found a smiling young woman.  She looked to be too
young to work for the Agency.  “Why yes, young lady.  Which Sam are you 
looking for?”  This must be a mistake. 

“I'm looking for a Sam Johnson.”  She smiled, obviously enjoying his

“You've found him.  You look pretty young to be a hard boiled

“They hired me because I used to know Smiling Jack, when I was a little

“The question is would you know him now, and also would he recognize
you.  I don't want to scare him away.” 

“I was only about twelve when he last saw me.  I don't think he would
know me now.  I've changed a lot since then.” 

“I'd say you probably have, Miss ........?”  Sam looked her over good,
very good. 

“Julie, Julie Simpson.  Mr Johnson.  Would you help me with these
things, they're getting heavy?” 

For the first time Sam noticed that she was loaded down with a suitcase,
a picnic basket and a large hat box. 

“Certainly, and call me Sam, please.”  He relieved her of the cumbersome

They walked to the end of the platform and Sam sat Julie down on a
bench, along with her luggage. 

“You just keep and eye on the passengers and tell me if you see anyone
looking like him.”  He told her.  “I'll get us some tickets, in case we 
have to board the train.” 

The platform was filling with a mixture of business men, cowboys, and a
number of nomadic travelers. 

Sam waited in line, just behind a pair of young girls flouting their
bustled figures.  He was too involved in watching them to notice that 
he was next in line.  This earned him a poke from an old woman's 
umbrella.  He hurriedly bought a couple of first class tickets for a 
private compartment.  What the hell, the Agency was paying.  Besides it 
might be nice to be alone with Julie. 

Returning to the bench, he found the young lady studying the growing
crowd waiting for the train. 

“See anyone yet.” 

“No, I saw a man that looked something like him, but had the wrong color

“Where did he go?  Remember Jack is very good at disguising himself.” 
Sam asked anxiously.  “We better check him out.” 

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