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what is girl talk (standard:humor, 487 words)
Author: CAROL NATUKUNDAAdded: Apr 15 2004Views/Reads: 2083/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
what girls chat about

By Carol Natukunda 

Youth is the period of the most important decisions in life. It is in
the youth that we decide choosing friends that help lift our thinking 
or lower it. Ideally, social pressure is a natural desire .The era of 
individualism that explored the girls frontiers have been left behind. 
This can be seen in every age group, especially girls. They huddle 
together, always tied up in some kind of conversation. Perhaps not 
for any thing big but girl talk. 

One day in high school, we had gone to a community church as opposed to
the usual chapel prayers we would have at school. Apparently the church 
was full so a bunch of us did not get seats. Two girls decided to go in 
the compound and sat there instead. They seemed to be having a very 
good and funny chat. Once or twice, they burst into laughter. Betty was 
laughing as Marion narrated. John, our classmate watched with interest 
every part of their conversation. He thought he could easily join the 
two girls but he was pushed away. "Don't dare come, this is girl 
talk"they told him. 

So what is this girl talk? To a lay man it doesn't really make sense
because after all one is entitled to a private conversation. However, 
the majority of the boys think there is definitely more to this than 
the mere talk. David Tumusiime thinks girls always gather to look for 
means of becoming superior. "Girl talk is the conspiracy of women to 
take over the world"says David. Yet some believe it is about rumour 
mongering. "They only talk about their boyfriends"says Michael "about 
who is going out with who and where they hang out." A year ago in a 
public speaking class, a lecturer told us it was okay for a girl to 
give a speech and give a short story say about her boyfriend. This, he 
said, would make the speech so interesting. Somehow, the class burst 
into laughter. And someone at the back shouted, "afterall that's what 
they talk about" 

Some people however view it differently. A girl, like everybody else is
interested in some particular philosophy or ideal. One Juliana says, 
some want to know the trendiest clothes, get the recent hairstyle and 
know the latest slang. "You cannot get these things if you are 
alone,"she says, adding "gang up with fellow girls and it will be just 

It is most probable that some cannot make their own decisions most of
the time. So they prefer to make a group so they could always get 
answers from their friends. When you see them in small crowds there is 
perhaps not much they are planning. Probably whether to do homework or 
sneak out of school, to take a low grade, to cheat or to read hard and 
pass. But they will tell you that is what girl talk is. 


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