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WHAT QUESTIONS DESERVE AN ANSWER? (standard:humor, 536 words)
Author: CAROL NATUKUNDAAdded: Apr 22 2004Views/Reads: 1827/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Oftne times we ask annoyin questions,,,and ooops we hurt our friends,,,,,


By Carol Natukunda 

The questions of a child can be more challenging because a kid is the
last person in the family expected to be so keen. Questions like why a 
father does not get to conceive like a mother does can be one of those 
toughest puzzles that a kid can ever ask. Because then, a parent would 
get into detail of the sex differences. Which is pretty tricky I guess. 
But somehow, a parent puts into consideration that such is only a kid 
He or she puts it into perspective and knows that those are some of 
those little puzzles that kids ponder about. And so it's another 

But have you ever right up to the point of asking something and then
backed away-to your regret later on? The moment confronted you, made 
your heart beat faster when the other person you asked burst into tears 
or was bitter. 

Questions are essentially ridiculous. But you may not realise how
confronting they are until you ask something and only wish you hadn't 
Perhaps it was not intended or you did mean it any way. All the same 
silence was the only answer you got. 

So which questions deserve an answer really? Connie, a university
student thinks asking a bereaved person how they feel does not need 
response. "Obviously the person feels miserable,"she says. 

Yet some think it depends on how clear the situation one is in is. Bron
explains how a friend lost his tuition fees in gambling. Although many 
people got to know of the dilemma the guy was in, someone still came up 
and asked, 'is there anything I can do to help?' "Surely we need to 
take some initiative" says Bron adding, "the other has no courage to 

Most questions asked by the vast majority are for the happiness of the
society. It's even probable that plentiful stocks of those 'inquiries' 
are just teasers. Not so long ago in high school, the tallest boy in 
class would be the one to rub the board. But soon he grew tired. A 
teacher on teaching practice tried the board herself in vain because 
she would not reach the top. Then someone at the back sarcastically 
asked, "is she standing up?" Of course it was clear enough that the 
student teacher was short. The whole class burst into laughter and 

These days with the new technologies, a friend you had not seen in a
long time comes up and asks that you go together to bank with the 
ATM.Yet in the first place you probably have no idea about the ATM 
(Automated Teller Machines.) 

And so there's little chance that you will get an answer if you were
teasing or you seemed to be mocking. 

Often times however, questions come about with hope for some guidance.
This really would not cost anything to reply. Or would it? 

It does us good though to look back and think before asking out
anything. You will find that people's emotions are somewhat 
unpredictable. Your thoughts and words could cause a friend's tears to 
flow without much advance warning. Perhaps the like the old adage, 
silence is the best ship home. 


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