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A New Beginning (standard:non fiction, 911 words)
Author: Mentally Disturbed TeenagerAdded: Jan 01 2001Views/Reads: 2512/1426Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is what happens when someone is willing to do anything for a person that they love. First Draft of my story, construtive critism greatly appreciated.

A New Beginning 

I placed the small bottle labeled "Club Soda" on the floor, in front of
the shrink. 

"What's this?" She asked. 

"This, is vodka."  I replied.  "Let me tell you a story about it. 

"Once upon a time, a girl went to school at Fort River.  She was in
sixth grade, and always did everything right.  When she moved on to the 
Middle School, nothing went right.  She made a few friends, but lost 
even more.  The teachers didn't like her, and the best part of school 
was the bus ride home. 

"She never got offered drugs or alcohol.  She never thought of trying a
way out, instead, she just put up with the remarks, the teasing, the 
names, the teachers, and the hate. 

"When her mom realized what was happening at the Middle School, she was
allowed to apply for a private school, MacDuffie.  She did amazingly 
well on the SSATs, and got in." 

I paused for breath.  Taking a deep breath, I prepared for the next part
of the story.  "What the girl's mother didn't know, was that her new 
friends would drink and do drugs.  The girl wanted to try drinking, but 
not by herself.  She was too scared.  She brought in a couple of cans 
of her dad's beer, and her friend and her drank them during lunch.  
They hid around the corner, almost off school grounds.  No one saw 

"She felt a little lightheaded, and couldn't concentrate that well, but
felt a lot better about her life.  She wasn't bothered by things 
anymore, so when she got home, she decided to try other liquors.  She 
experimented with her dad's stuff, and found that straight vodka got 
you drunk in no time.  It was strong, and her dad had so much of it, 
that he couldn't miss a little. 

"She liked the vodka burning her throat.  She could concentrate on that
until the drunk sensation set in."  I paused again.  Another few deep 
breaths, and my eyes closed. 

"She dumped her boyfriend.  He was bugging her, and she didn't like him
around anymore.  She thought that she would be better off alone.  
Instead of feeling better, she fell into depression.  She told her 
friend that the next time she got some weed, she wanted to try it. "Her 
friend got a dealer.  When she went to her friend's house, they called 
him, but her parents were too cautious.  They couldn't meet him.  She 
never got a chance to smoke. 

"Before all this happened, she was online a lot.  Talking to people from
around the world, always learning.  She talked to her friend in Chicago 
a lot.  Her friend had moved there a while ago.  When they were talking 
one day, the girl in Chicago gave her the screen name of a male friend 
of hers. 

"This guy was so wonderful.  She would talk to him whenever she got the
time.  They got closer and closer, and when the girl dumped her 
boyfriend, this guy told her that he loved her.  By that time, she 
loved him too.  More than words could express, they were perfect for 
each other. 

"Now, they talked every night.  They would both be online by ten, and
would sometimes stay up until one in the morning talking. "When she 
started thinking about marijuana, she didn't tell him.  It was a last, 
desperate escape, only to be used when she couldn't talk to him.  Her 
ex-boyfriend told her it was a bad idea.  Told her she shouldn't.  That 
only made her more determined, just to show him. 

"Two days after her friends and her talked to the drug dealer, she was
online, and the guy asked her a very important question.  A question 
that she couldn't answer right then.  She told him she didn't want to 
pressure herself into giving an answer that night. 

"She was so happy, that tears were running down her face.  She couldn't

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