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The Gay Little Bunnies (standard:Satire, 958 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Aug 13 2004Views/Reads: 3546/1851Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Rabbits do it too

It was the best burrow in the forest.  All the other rabbits said that
to Doris and Mina.  At least all their friends would.  The two girl 
bunnies lived together.  They didn't like boy rabbits, and just wanted 
to live together. 

Rabbits are like people in many ways.  A lot of them don't like to see
two boy or girl rabbits live together.  They thought that every boy 
bunny should have a girl friend, and that every girl bunny should have 
a boy friend.  Most of them did, but some didn't.  They were different. 
Some bunnies and people don't like anyone being different. 

The others called them ‘Gay' but made them ‘Sad'.  I'll bet you've never
seen a sad bunny, have you? 

Doris and Mina bunny both had good jobs at  Farmer Elmer's.  They pulled
weeds out of his carrot patch, and he even payed them in carrots and 
lettuce.  They used the carrots and lettuce to trade for other things 
to use in their burrow. 

That's why their burrow was so pretty, with cute little things on the
arms of their chairs, nice rugs on the floor to keep their little paws 
warm in the wintertime, and even electric lights and heaters.  Not very 
many bunnies have electric lights and heaters. 

In her spare time Mina bunny worked at the hospital for free, helping
sick animals.  She helped all the sick animals, not just the rabbits.  
Doris bunny would take little animals out camping in the summertime.  
Have you ever gone out camping?  Scary isn't it? 

Everything was nice back then, before the preacher moved to the forest. 

Preacher Benny Bunny was a good preacher.  He taught the other animals
all about God.  He made enough money by preaching to have a nice burrow 
too, but not as nice as Doris and Mina's.  The good preacher taught 
many good things, like your teacher does, but he also taught bad things 

Preacher Benny Bunny started teaching the other animals that Doris and
Mina were bad.  They were bad because they didn't have boy friends. 

“Every girl bunny should have a boyfriend,”  Benny would preach,
“because God says so.  If bunnies didn't do that there would soon be no 
more bunnies.  God says this and God says that.” 

Before long there was hate in the forest.  Not hate like you say when
you get mad at your Mama, but real hate.  The kind where people kill 
other people.  The kind of hate where you know you are right and that 
other people are wrong.  Just because they don't think like you do, 
look like you do, or do the same things the same way you do.   Isn't 
that silly? 

Preacher Benny Bunny preached that kind of hate along with his good
things.  He thought he was the only one in the forest that knew what 
God wanted. 

Soon Doris and Mina had other rabbits outside their burrow, telling them
they had to leave.  Those other bunnies believed the Preacher.  They 
told Doris and Mina that they were bad and were going to hell when they 

First Doris was told she couldn't work at the hospital anymore.  The
boss said he didn't need a bad bunny like her.  Then Mina also lost her 
job with taking little animals out camping.  Her boss told her that 
they didn't want a bad bunny like her to be around their children.  Now 
that was stupid too, wasn't it?  It made Doris and Mina sad to think 
they weren't wanted.  It made the sick animals and little ones sad too. 
They liked Doris and Mina. 

The Preacher was still not happy. 

“We don't want bunnies like them around here.”  He preached at his
church.  “God has no place on his Earth for bad bunnies.” 

Both Doris and Mina lost most of their friends, even the ones who didn't
go to Benny's Church.  The other rabbits didn't want to be seen with 

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