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The Quest of Catmandu 4 (standard:fantasy, 4808 words) [4/6] show all parts
Author: nightshadeAdded: Jan 10 2001Views/Reads: 1733/1096Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
joyful reunions and happy times, as the clan reunites to aid the Cheetahs

The Quest of Catmandu chapter 4 by nightshade and chris dahl 

the following morning, tes was practically inhaled and food was devoured
as Shae, Tynak, and Charval took off, following Talon towards the 
Falcon river dock. Anticipating forthcoming events made the foot time 
seem shorter, which brought a measure of comfort and excitement at the 
same time. 

As for Karo, Parnak, Rhachyl and Chevelle, their trek to the ailing
Cheetah camp was was just as lovely and that much more humorous. The 
humor was unexpectedly provided by Rhachyl at the halfway point as they 
crossed the dirt-caked boards of the bridge that spanned the deep 
river. a large trout jumped so high from the river that its tail fin 
was able to almost whip Rhachyl in the face, causing her to scream and 
fall off her horse into the water on one side of the bridge while the 
trout dove back in on the other side. 

as they continued on a short while later, the other three were still
laughing. "it wasn't that funny." Rhachyl tried to argue. "it was too." 
Chevelle chuckled. "you should have seen the look on your face." Karo 
gasped in her hysterics. "at least the fish didn't say 'gimme a kiss'" 
Parnak blurted. "you should be glad Princess Shae isn't here right 
now." the medicine woman heaved through her labored breath. "she'd 
never let you live it down." "thats true." Rhachyl reluctantly agreed. 
moments later, having imagined Shae's presence and participation, 
Rhachyl broke up too. "mmmmpgghhh..she would have had a field day." she 

the sun was just about gone for the night by the time they reached a
sign that marked the camp's nearby location. "we're almost there," 
Chevelle announced. "let's hurry before..." she was cut short by some 
rustling in a nearby copse of bushes. Karo heard the disturbances as 
well, and the was quick to spot a pair of feet behind a rosebush. the 
four women rushed over to discover the shivering, incoherent form of 
Chorac, the Cheetah clan's medicine man, lying on a buffalo rug...his 
condition more degraded now than when Chevelle had left. 

"does your camp have a central fire pit?" Karo shouted as she lifted the
weak body from the rug. "yes," Chevelle replied with teary eyes. "run 
ahead then, and tel the camp that we're here. get the fire going, if it 
isn't already, and get everyone out there." 

the spotted ambassador was gone in a flash with the tiger woman
following quickly...Karo carrying Chorac carefully, with his head 
resting against her shoulder, sweating profusely. 

They got to the camp and found the Cheetah clan sitting or lying around
the giant pit fire, each member suffering the illness in varying 
degrees. "can anyone here tell me what this disease is?" Karo bellowed. 
all eyes were raised to attention, but for the moment, no words were 
spoken. "never mind." she growled. "Chevelle, get some water right 
away. Chorac needs to be soaked down immediately." 

as Karo, Parnak and Rhachyl set the contents of their travel packs out,
they were approached by three of the prospective patients. even while 
fighting their illness, they managed to stand tall and proud, 
presenting a stature that could only mean one thing about thwe two 
women and the spear-wielding man who followed behind. "welcome to our 
land."the taller woman hailed in the light of the gradually growing 
fdire. "i am queen Cheryn, this is my daughter, princess Chanile, and 
this is our bodyguard Chorman. i wish you to know, that as greatly 
appreciated as your help is, i had hoped that your visit would have 
been under better circumstances." "as do i, your majesty." Karo agreed. 
"can you help us?" Chanile asked. "my clan and i will do our best." the 
medicine woman replied. "is anyone else as sick as your medicine man?" 
Parnak queried. "Chodac is almost as bad." Chorman stated. "Chodac?" 
Rhachyl wondered. "my mate," Chevelle replied as she cradled the head 
of her man. "get him over by the" Karo ordered. 

With a lot of coordination, cooperation, and patience. herbs and
medicines were adminstered to the Cheetah clan. fodd was readily 
available as well, and no-one was going to miss the chance to fil their 

Chorac and Chodac remained under constant surveillance by Rhachyl and

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