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Georgie (standard:humor, 881 words)
Author: HughAdded: Sep 29 2004Views/Reads: 2368/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
President Bush satire on today's events.

Well Hello you loyal brits. I was flying my B52 back from Iraq. After
dropping off 10.000, over there. No not bombs, 10,000, Georgie look 
alikes, Well we in the peniigon figered if Sadam can have look alikes 
so can we. And we also figured that with all the Sadam look alikes, and 
all the Georgie look alikes, it would cause them some problems. 

We did a deal with the Sadam clones, that if they walked around Bagdad,
holding hands with the Georgie clones, we could draw out of his hiding 
place, that other one called Bin Laden. We gave them plenty of Dollars. 

If that dont work, we are dropping 10,000, Bin Ladens, next month. Half
of them Jewish, and half of them Arab, That should do the job. The 
terrorists wont know who is giving the orders, and who to shoot. Well 
it's just that the CIA, said, go on Georgie, what have we got to loose. 

But that's not why I popped into your delightful little country. As I
was flying back to the Good old U.S. of A. I noticed that there are a 
lot of oil wells in the North Sea. By some tiny little ole Place, 
called Scottish land, or something like that. I said Hey, look oil, 
let's get it. who owns it. Well my CIA, Pal said, Georgie, its our 
friends the Brits that own them, we cant attack them. Well me being 
very smart said, We'll buy the little place, it must be very cheap, and 
I can have my new ranch down there, the green grass will be good for my 
cows. So I have to tell you Brits, I love you lots, But the UK, is now 
my ranch. And you are my serfs. 

And In that Buckingham House you got over here, its now for my pigs to
live in, I like the big fence around it, it stops my pigs getting lost. 
But dont get upset, The lady living there will be well looked after, I 
need a new maid, to cook my apple pies. I also hear you need more 
people, as yours are dying off fast, Well as you are my friends, I am 
here to help you all out. We are sending you two million Mexicans. They 
make good chilli beans, and I noticed that you aint got any chilli bean 
burger bars. Dont worry, you soon will have two million of them. My CIA 
buddy said, Georgie boy, thats a smart move. Me being very modest, had 
to agree with him. I'm brilliant.. That Kerry fella, aint got a chance 
with me around. 

My dad has fixed him, we are sending him to Vietnam, we never told him
the war was over, he thinks it's still going on. So we are dropping 
Kerry off, next week, with a machine gun filled with blanks. We have 
told the Viet Cong that they are getting invaded again. Kerry wont know 
what hit him. We made sure of that, by giving those congee people 
millions of guns to shoot him with. So my little limey blood suckers, 
wups, sorry, my little limey friends I meant, slip of the tongue thats 
all. From next week you are no longer being called Brits, We are 
renaming England, Georga town ranch. And you lovely Brits, will be 
called Georgies. 

Dont worry about those barbarians over that Hadrians Wall, we are giving
them all back to Hadrian. Bloody cheek of the man, dumping then all on 
my ranch. Its nearly as bad as all those wet backs from Mexico. Thats 
another thought I had, and the CIA like. We are going to get Hadrian to 
build a wall around that Mexico. that should stop them getting into 

Well my loyal friends, Bill Clinton sends his love...No not to you, you
idiots, to Monica. And Fidel sends his cigars to her as well. See how 
well you little people do with us Yankees, we are very generous to our 
friends. All that I really need to know is, and the CIA love the idea, 
How would you like me to be your king. Just say yes, you will love the 
free beef burgers, and you all will soon have fat arses, like us 
yankies. I told the CIA, I dont want a lot of skinny Brits, in my new 
Georga. God I had enough with that skinny Scarlet O Hara, dont need 
anymore. The world will say I dont feed you all. But I promise I will 
feed you all, but not as good as my cows, they are more important, 
after all, you can have a new country without people, but its a sad 
place without beef burgers. 

Thats another thing, I am going to change the jewish religion, and them
Moslems, when my clone plan wins the war, they are going to eat pork, I 
cant sell the stuff in the USA, so someone has to eat it. 

Well my friends, let me part from you, and head off home to the land of
the free, with my mate Tony. we are haveing a party and dividing up 
your oil. and your palaces for casino,s.. And I just love that North 
Sea, Jesus, so many oil wells........Love you all.....Georgie.


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