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To Attain Peace, One Must Wage War : Introduction (standard:fantasy, 3062 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: kissofthehungryUpdated: Dec 09 2004Views/Reads: 2491/1639Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Goldabrol is a city ravaged by different groups trying to gain power. A group of youths from different lifestyles form an unlikely allegiance and begin to try to bring peace to a place where hatered rules.

Characters and Other Important Information: 

Ghandra (gone-draw) "Wind of the Stars" - The twenty-two year old sister
of Niatho who is coming into her own power and is determined to save 
him from his destruction. 

Niatho (knee-ah-toe) "Fire of the Stars" - The twenty-five year old
brother of Ghandra.  He's been enchanted by Mianutt and is being used 
to spread chaos and fear.  Before he came into his power, he had a 
hidden love affair with Ayabel. 

Mianutt (me-uh-nut) "Left Hand of God" - The wicked leader of the
Zaluhutts, he controls Niatho and is eager to get his hands on Ghandra 
and Ayabel.  His source of power is an ancient tome of black magic, 
known as the "Skull Guard".  Very few are aware of his dark side.  He 
is fifty-nine years old. 

Hiarushia (high-roo-she-uh) "Gentle Ripple on the Pond" - She is the
twenty year old daughter of Aryingo, a leader of the Dariens.  She has 
the gift to sing humans to sleep. 

Danama (dah-nah-ma) "Light of the Shadows" - A twenty-three year old
priest of the Zaluhutts.  He is too young to be of the high priests but 
his ability to manipulate liquid ensures that as he ages, he will gain 
some placement. 

Ayabel (i-uh-bell) "Lady of the Wind" -  The twenty-three year old lover
of Niatho.  She carries his child in her womb and is being hunted by 
Mianutt for that reason alone. 

Aryingo (air-ring-o) "Whispers of the Night" - The father of Hiarushia
and leader of the Dariens, he opposes and harms any he can in the 
Zaluhutts.  His right hand man is Shakto. 

Shakto (shock-toe) "The Hunter" - The fifty-four year old right hand man
of Aryingo, he desires to wed Hiarushia.  He is an assasin and delights 
in the tortures of fellow human beings. 

Tricella (try-cell-uh) "Rising Morning Glory" - The mother of Hiarushia,
she opposes her husband's beliefs and does everything within her power 
to sabatoge his plans.  It will eventually cost her everything. 

Chothal (chawt-hawl) "Forgotten Caresses" - The eighteen year old son of
the current leader, Yarigon.  He is opposed to his father's methods and 
is determined to get himself and his sister, Aya, out of the fortress. 

Aya (i-uh) "Lady" - The thirteen-year old sister of Chothal, her
innocence appears to be uncorrupted by the darkness surrounding their 

Yarigon (year-a-gone) "Bowing Tree" - The father of Chothal and Aya, and
the current leader of Goldabrol.  He rules through fear and bloodshed, 
reveling in torture and destroying all he finds in opposition to him. 

Liana (lee-ann-uh) "Soft Petals" - She is the pregnant friend of Ayabel
who shelters her from Mianutt.  She has two children already, Mikala 
who is seven years old, and Rykale, who is four. 

Khaeyana (kie-yawn-uh) "Blade of the Night" - The seventeen-year-old
daughter of a hunter who is deadly with weapons and can move with 
incredible silence. 

Mikonel (meek-uh-nel) "Wanderer" - He is a twenty-three year old pageboy
of the Zaluhutts who has been sent to make sure that Ghandra is safe 
from all would be assassin attempts. 

Shakon (shuh-con) - a god of chaos.  Known for patrolling with a hoard
of fiery demons, associated most with unaccounted deaths and 

Goldabrol (gold-uh-brawl) - the city ravaged by warring sorcerers and
religious leaders. 

Mt. Arushgon (uh-roosh-gun) - the mountain sacred to the Zaluhutts.  The
sky temple for sacrifices is located at the top. 

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