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T.A.P., O.M.W.W. The Closing of A Chapter (standard:fantasy, 3806 words) [2/3] show all parts
Author: kissofthehungryAdded: Dec 05 2004Views/Reads: 1825/1337Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
In a matter of hours, Ghandra's life drastically changes. Her mission in life becomes painfully clear, she must bring peace to Goldabrol.

Ghandra reached her class, but the sight was very discouraging.  There
were only two students versus the normal four, and their faces were 
pale and drawn.  There was no teacher, which was a very bad sign, 
considering Ghandra had been late. 

"Great, this worry anyone else?" she asked, and the other two smiled
weakly and nodded.  Smiling back, she took a seat though she had the 
feeling that it was fairly useless.  In fact, she was willing to bet 
that she now only had two classes instead of three.  None of them 
spoke, it seemed like a waste of time and they were each lost in their 
own thoughts anyway. 

Her mind was on another dreams she had the night before.  She'd been
trapped in a giant snowglobe, the air bubble at the top her only source 
of survival. She could see the blurred faces of Zaluhutt priests 
smiling at her, then they'd begun to shake the snowglobe.  Her body was 
thrown brutally around and the air pressed from her lungs.  Death was 
singing loudly in her ears, but she refused to give up.  With a sudden 
surge of energy, she contorted her body, and power ripped from her like 
waves.  The glass ball exploded into thin fragments that left ribbons 
of blood on the faces of the priests.  Fear replaced their smiles and 
they began to back away from her.  However, her bloodlust had been 
awoken and she wasn't letting them get away that easy.  Lightening 
cracked at her fingertips and a strange glow filled her eyes.  With a 
malicious grin, she threw balls of pure energy at each priest and 
watched with pleasure as their bodies spasmed in the agonized throes of 
death.  Then she had turned to see Niatho crouched in a corner, crying 
and rocking back and forth. 

"I tried to be strong.  I tried to protect all of you.  I failed, I
failed," he raised his tear streaked face up to her and she recoiled in 
horror.  His eyes were mere hollows with the lids sinking unsupported 
into their depths.  The shock of his torture had been so great, it had 
woken her up in a sweaty bundle of sheets. 

It wasn't the first time she'd dreamt of Niatho nor the first time he'd
been tortured, and she wondered what it meant.  Her assumption was that 
it was her subconcious warning her to not follow in his footsteps.Yet 
there was a nagging thought at the back of her mind that maybe it was 
actually her brother trying desperatly to reach her without Mianutt 
knowing.  If so, it meant that there was still hope for him, that there 
was still a chance to save his soul. 

At that moment, the door opened and a they looked up in eager
anticipation that their instructor had finally arrived.  Instead, there 
was a weary security guard, his hand held tauntly upon a knife clipped 
to his belt.  It was his false security, for if he ran into anyone with 
power, it would be useless.  Yet it still obviously made him feel more 
comfortable.  His presence was yet another bad sign. 

"I was instructed to tell you to all go home.  The college has been
closed for an indefinate period.  Please don't linger, it's not safe on 
the campus.  I can accompany you to your transportation or to the edge 
of the campus.  I'm sorry but that's the most I can do," his voice was 
shaky and Ghandra had the feeling that there was something going on. 

Of course, she was willing ot take up the security guard's offer, except
for there were two things wrong with that situation.  The first thing, 
the two students were going in the opposite direction as her. The 
second was that once she was off campus, she'd have to walk alone.  Not 
to mention, she had no way to get Mikonel a message to let him know not 
to wait for her. 

"Given the situation, I think it would be best if I waited for my
escort," she decided out loud but could tell instantly from his face 
that it was going to be met with objection.  What other choice did she 
really have? 

"I don't know if they'll agree to that," he sputtered, causing her to
notice how his hands were shaking and he had huge circles under his 
arms from sweating.  Who was it that had him so afraid?  His fear was 
contagious and she could it reflecting in the eyes of her fellow 
classmates.  Fear was their worse enemy and she could feel it swelling 
in the pit of her own belly. 

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