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The Intergalactic Rebel Troop Leader (standard:humor, 1983 words)
Author: Jim WestergrenAdded: Jan 13 2005Views/Reads: 2205/1429Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A pilot with a stupid character makes a very fatal mistake. The story illustrates what can happen between two different people with totally different reality.

The new pilot of the Intergalactic Rebel Troop was desperate to find his
leader. They had lost each other as he had made a mistake on the 
strategic defence operation Alpha 17 by having gone to wrong location. 
He had misunderstood the mission orders which had brought him in 
confusion - something he realized when it was far too late. 

Mr. Peresterdono Tracynibolo Siffikipoloposofolousnis - his name was too
complex (born in sector 14) so his friends used to call him Mr. PTS - 
was very aware of the fact that per senior policy of the Rebel Troop, 
he had to find the leader and pick him up even though the search had 
now been ongoing for more than 2 eons. 

He was a new recruit into the Rebel Troop and additionally very
uncertain to his character. "It was too risky to take any decisions by 
himself - he had to find his leader" he had thought while doing his 

--  2  -- 

John loved to be a farmer and to live alone isolated from the rest of
the world. He lived far out from any city, the next neighbouring house 
were several kilometres away. He had his own grounds, cows, and little 
wooden house - for him it was perfect. He had made himself strong as a 
result of the heavy daily work. He personally really hated the 
city-people. "They cannot work and the only thing they do is to move 
papers", "We farmers are the real people" were a few of the solid fixed 
ideas in the mind of the farmer John. 

This sunny day John was on the way with one of his dogs back to his
little cottage. He entered in the cottage which only consisted of one 
room, slapped the dog when it tried to pee on the floor and cut off a 
piece from the smoked ham which was hanging on the door. John had been 
used to the more than 20 flies that were eating on that ham but he did 
not care so much, as for him it was normal. 

--  3  -- 

The pilot of the Intergalactic Rebel Troop was very satisfied when he
spotted the person he was looking for on the special radar detectors he 
himself had modified for the ship. 

It was an unidentified planet and Mr. Peresterdono was flying into the
atmosphere in order to land. 

Mr. Peresterdono had first forgotten to turn on the cooling system but
realized it when the metal started to melt of the burning friction. 

The planet's surface seemed to be solid, good gravity and atmosphere he
could breathe. The Pilot and his little spaceship hit the ground and 
Mr. Peresterdono activated the brakes in order to stop the ship from 

The structure of the ground was not so good to land on and even though
the breaks on the ship were still on, the friction of the black ground 
was too low to prevent the ship from sliding. 

Finally the ship stopped and some pieces of the ground went in the air
and landed on a group of standing big beings. 

Then the beings said: "Mooooh!" in a kind of threatening way. His
advanced computer system could not identify nor translate this 
language, which was very strange. 

Mr. Peresterdono went out fast with his laser gun of the latest model
and made sure these big standing beings did not attack him. They were 
looking strange at him and were all chewing. This made him a bit afraid 
- they were like killing machines, systematically chewing up everybody 
and everything. 

He was running towards the little wooden house and then suddenly he
slipped on some yellow slimy material on the ground. He took some up 
with his hand and decided to not taste it. 

He went further, opened the wooden house with an instant, lost his
control and manners after what revealed for him and screamed: 

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