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Ronald's Ray Gun (standard:humor, 394 words)
Author: Annemarie St. JohnAdded: Jan 19 2001Views/Reads: 2997/8Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A very short science fiction tale with a twist.

Ronald's Ray Gun 

Liz rose abruptly from her lilac-patterned chair. She turned up her
sharply pointed nose and curled her thick lips into a sardonic sneer. 
"My God, Ronald. Where on earth did you uncover such a word?" 

Ronald looked up from the Scrabble board and blinked at Liz. "What is
it, dear? Did I spell it wrong?" 

"Wrong? No, you spelled it correctly, but that word is definitely out of
order. You know you are not supposed to use words like that. And just 
where did you pick it up?" 

Liz stalked heatedly over to the fireplace mantel, and lit a cigarette.
"I suppose it was your dirty mouthed little friend, Freddie. I don't 
want you talking to him anymore, Ronald, do you understand?" 

Ronald scrambled the offending letters and assembled another word of
equal caliber. 

"Ronald, you haven't listened to a thing I have been saying to you. And
look. Now you've deliberately spelled another of your horrid words. I 
won't stand for this kind of behavior any longer. Listen to me, 

Ronald dug a finger into his crotch, and then picked at his nose. His
attention was caught by something seen through the window, and he got 
up to look outside. 

"Ronald, I am speaking to you!" 

From the window, Ronald answered absently "Did you see my new ray gun?
Its real. It really works." 

"I don't care about your ray gun, and if you don't act more civil
immediately, you are not seeing Freddie, either. And that is final." 

A shadow of genuine hurt clouded Ronald's face. He looked down at his
shoes, thinking about how much he wanted to show Freddie his new ray 

"And besides," said Liz, "I don't want you playing with guns anyway.
They make me nervous." 

Ronald stuck out his jaw defiantly and stated that he was going to see
Freddie, regardless of what Liz thought. 

"Oh no you're not. You're not going to see Freddie, and he is not coming
here either, so get that idea - " 

Liz never finished the sentence. A blinding flash of light crackled from
Ronald's ray gun and instantly reduced Liz to a small pile of white 

Ronald picked up the telephone, and dialed his best friend, Freddie. 

"Hello, Freddie? I'm coming over. I want to show you my new ray gun. It
really works." 


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