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Good Ole What's His Name (standard:humor, 437 words)
Author: Jim SpenceAdded: Oct 06 2005Views/Reads: 2236/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
You know him ... yeah, him ... ole what's his name.

Good Ole What's His Name 

I've met a lot of interesting people in my life; famous people, not-so
famous people, working people, unemployed people, musicians, 
morticians, brick layers, naysayers, managers, janitors, and every 
color in between. 

But I've never met anyone as unforgettable as good ole Whatshisname. 

You know who I'm talking about.  Whatshisname, the guy that lives
downtown, right next door to that thingamabob store.  You know the one; 
they sell all that rigmarole that everyone loves so much. 

Yeah, him ... good ole Whatshisname. 

I've known him now for, let's see, a gaggle or more years.  We used to
hang out together back when we were doing that job thingy for Mr. 
Whozits.  Surely you remember Mr. Whozits.  He used to sell those 
doohickeys that the women would buy.  Yeah, him. 

But good ole Whatshisname and I used to work together, putting those
thingamabobs on the shelves for Mr. Whozits.  We worked hard most of 
the day, but we'd play hard too.  I can still remember that 
whatchamacallit we used to do on Saturdays that'd almost kill us, but 
we'd do it anyway. 

Good ole Whatshisname married a girl from the neighborhood; you know
her, she lived down the block from ole Whatchacallhim, that crazy guy 
that used to flash his whoodywho at the kids at the bus stop. 

You remember her, don't you?  Her name was Jenny Somethingortheother. 
Yeah, her. 

Anyway, the reason ole Whatshisname is so unforgettable was because of
one night ... 

We'd already had way too much to drink when ole Whatshisname decided
that he wanted to take a leak while standing on top of the statue of 
Whoeverheis on the courthouse lawn; you know the statue, it sits over 
by that thingamajig beside the parking lot. 

Ole Whatshisname climbed up on top of Whoeverheis, stood up as best as
he could on Whoeverheis' shoulders, pulls out his heresyouruncle and 
commences to take a leak all over himself.  He got so flustered that he 
slipped off Whoeverheis' shoulders, with one leg on each side of the 
statue, and took a hard slam on his whatzits. 

After sitting there for almost an hour ole Whatshisname finally shook
his head, did a somersault off of Whoeverheis, landed square on both 
feet and said “man, I need another beer.” 

Only ole Whatshisname could have hit himself in the whatzits that hard
and still wanted another beer. 

Me, I hurt for a week just watching him.  Whatshisname ... his voice got
a bit higher, but he was still the same ole ricketyroo he always was. 

Yeah, I'll never forget good ole Whatshisname.  He's totally


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