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NIGHT DANCE (standard:drama, 988 words)
Author: BENTLINKAdded: Oct 06 2005Views/Reads: 2539/1591Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Polished wood, big band music, strong cocktails and a partner that smells good and dances like a dream. What else is there?


Kites and hang gliders of sharply contrasting colors decorate the walls;
garish hues vivid even in the halls warm subdued light.  He had 
attended hundreds of dances, cavorted and high jinxed his way around 
dozens of dance floors but had never seen a ballroom decorated with 
such an odd collection. 

He seemed to have arrived a little early for only a few couples were on
the floor dancing to recorded music.  Dozens of still vacant tables 
surrounded the perimeter of the floors polished hardwood surface. 

Almost without his being aware, his feet began to slide and shuffle to
the softly playing waltz music, the often-present knotted tension in 
his neck and shoulders began their magical dissipation.  He selected a 
seat that gave him a good view of the entry door, bandstand, and 
shinning oaken floor. 

His feet began to move again, faster now doing small almost
imperceptible movements in time to the foxtrot music flowing from the 
halls well-balanced sound system.  The familiar rich sound of a famous 
but now long gone orchestra filled the hall.  This classy old time 
orchestras like so many other good things were gone now, never to 

Still puzzling over the wall decorations, he ordered a simple mixed
drink from the roving server; he then sat back, closed his eyes, took, 
and slowly released a deep breath, to help dispel the last of his 
nervous tension. 

He must have relaxed so completely he dozed off because when he again
opened his eyes in response to a soft touch on his shoulder he was 
surprised to find he was no longer alone.  A tuxedo attired complete 
orchestra had mounted the carpeted bandstand and many smiling 
well-dressed couples were seated around the previously vacant tables.  
His untouched Vodka-Tonic sat within easy reach slowly forming a wet 
ring on a pastel paper cocktail napkin.  The sight of the cocktails 
inviting frosty glass and plump dark green lime slice set his mouth to 
watering.  Margaret being here to touch his shoulder was the greatest 
surprise of all.  She was someone he least expected to see tonight, an 
old friend and dance partner from what he thought were days long past. 

“Margaret!  My God, girl, what are you doing here?  The last I heard you
had run off and married a traveling salesman.  What are you drinking?” 

“First things first I'll have what your having.  He is not a traveling
salesman dimwit he is a marketing manager for a major drug company and 
we dated for six months.  The way you go on it sounds as though we fell 
in lust one night and eloped.  I am just back in town for the weekend 
to visit a few friends and clean up some loose ends about my old house, 
but of course I could lie and say I made the trip just to dance one 
more night away with you.” 

“Are you sure it would be a lie?  I know you got very aroused every time
we danced!  Are you sure your not here because you just can't stand 
being without me one more minute?” 

“You really are a dimwit and a concede one at that!  The only time I
ever got hot and bothered around you was when the air-conditioning 
failed at the old Elks Hall.  You were married and the only married man 
that ever excited me is the one I left at home this morning.  I do 
however have some deep seated needs and you can help me fill them with 
a lot less talk and a little more dancing.” 

From the moment they took the floor, it was as though they had never
been apart, Margaret moved into the circle of his arm and they 
traversed the flawless wood surface in a liquid motion that was sinuous 
and beautiful. 

Margaret may have felt no arousal when they danced but he could not say
the same, the warmth of her nearness, her obedient responses to even 
the lightest of palm and forearm pressure as he steered her around the 
floor filled him with pleasure.  Her perfume was the same subtle one he 
remembered.  The two fingers of her left hand so casually touching the 
bare skin at the back of his neck just above his shirt collar sent wave 

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