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Brenda and Perry (standard:humor, 304 words)
Author: timsterAdded: Oct 09 2005Views/Reads: 1998/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Falklands Adventure...(Without Herth)

Brenda gazed out her bay window towards the pristine shoreline of The
Falklands.  A storm was brewing as the white caps rustled towards the 
coast and waves crashed against the rocky shore.  A mist arose after 
every crash and dissipated quickly. 

This scene repeated time after time.  A figure materialized thru the fog
after one such occurrence.  It appeared to be carrying a shovel and 
dragging a trash can behind the slow trudging walk.  Every few steps it 
would stop scoop something off the ground and throw it into the can. 

Brenda recalled a news story she heard about Perry and his exploits with
some of the animals. It became clear to her it was Perry fulfilling his 
community service for the disgusting crimes he had committed. She felt 
only contempt for the SOB.  Anyone who used animals in such a way 
should have been put away for years. 

Recalling a spell from 200 years ago, she thought it as perfect for
Perry.  Brenda first used it on John Gilmore after he established the 
first sheep ranch on the islands.  It took years for old John to remove 
the pile she created from her spell. 

She gathered together some penguin feathers, Ex-Lax, and a bit of hot
sauce and mixed them in a vat.  With the words, “Penguin Large, full of 
food, appear on the shore, please show no humility”. 

A 41-foot penguin appeared on the shore, just feet from Perry.  It
proceeded to squat and left a ten-foot pile to Perry's bewilderment. 
After the penguin finished, it vanished into the ocean. 

She could hear a scream from the shoreline and chuckled to herself. 

“These birds keep getting bigger and bigger.  I'll be doing this the
rest of my life.” 

Brenda said under her breath, “Yes you will Perry, I'll make sure of


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