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An Unexpected Snowfall (standard:humor, 1595 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Dec 08 2005Views/Reads: 2447/1519Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
From a prompt on another site. I thought it cute. I have to thank my old buddy Oscar Rat for his part of the story, that and buy him a ten inch pepperoni pizza.

For the uninitiated, the characters are myself, my old pal Oscar Rat,
his wife Malodor Skunk, and Nancy Skunk, her niece.  Along with 
assorted chilled rodents.  It's two separate results from a prompt on 
another site.  The prompt being about an unexpected snowstorm and what 
you would do if it happened to you overnight. 

"Did you look outside this morning, honey?"  Malodor wakes me up from a
sound sleep. 

"Now how the hell could I, you just woke me up?  Why you ask?"  I rub
sleep out of my eyes, getting my claw caught in the fur.  A little yank 
does nothing but tangle it further. 

That's one problem with being a famous writer, I don't wear my claws or
teeth down enough on the keyboard.  The doctor says I should be more 
active.  "Get out there and chew some wood," he tells me. 

"I get enough exercise walking down to the Ratskellar bar in the
basement."  I tell him.  Trouble is, beer mugs don't wear teeth down, 
nor do pickled pigs feet. 

"We have ten feet of snow outside.  That's why?"  she replies. 

Hesitantly, paw still entangled, I get up and look outside.  The ground,
or surface, does seem pretty close to the window.  It looks firm 
though, the Meescoski children are playing on it's surface.  Course, 
mice kids don't weigh one hell of a lot. 

Even as I watch, Sandy Squirrel leaves her tree, probably on her way to
work.  Whoops!  She sinks in, only the tip of her raised tail showing.  
Being larger and heavier than her, I don't want to try. 

The mice run over to posture and laugh at the hapless squirrel.  At
least until her worthless husband throws down some twine and hauls her 

"Damn." Tired of screwing around, I jerk my paw.  It comes loose all
right, along with a clump of face fur.  No matter.  In weather like 
this, I'm not going anywhere.  This is a good day to sit inside, write, 
and watch my claws grow.  I can still get down to the bar when it 
opens.  Maybe I can wear my teeth down with pretzels? 

"Don't worry, Malodor," I turn around and tell her, "We'll stay inside
until they get it plowed.   In this weather, Nancy won't have any 
school today." 

Now that I'm awake, I put on a sweater and sit down at the computer,
ready for a day's work.  Just as I get it booted up, the power goes 
off.  My word processor shrinks to a dot and the screen becomes a black 

"It's probably all that wind and snow,"  Malodor quips.  Meanwhile
Nancy's prancing around the apartment, happy that school's canceled. 

"No shit, Sherlock." I'm getting mad. "Make some money, join the

"I'm going over to Uncle Charlie's,"  Nancy yells, going out and
slamming the door behind her. 

"How'm I gonna make breakfast," Malodor complains. 

"We got a gas stove, remember?" 

"But my mixer won't work without electricity." 

"Use your paws.  You modern women are too lazy, with all these
appliances.  Sometimes I think we should go back to the good old days, 
when rodents did everything by paw." 

"Come on, Oscar.  You know those gadgets  give us more time to do other
things, more fulfilling things than simple labor." 

"Like to sit on your bushy tail and watch Oprah Chipmunk." 

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