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I Love Cats (standard:humor, 290 words)
Author: nerdgirlAdded: Sep 16 2000Views/Reads: 4657/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I am obsessed with cute cats and I want one so bad that I have to write about it.

All I want is a kitten to cuddle and play with.  Kittens are so cute and
furry that I could just squeeze it until it squeaks.   I bet it would 
be a cute squeak.  Not like a mouse squeak when you are running after 
it trying to catch the scurrying miniature garbage compactor into a 
luring contraption device meant to separate its head from its body.   I 
would let my cute, furry kitten eat the mouse instead of using this 
device.  At least my kitten would get some quality playtime with the 
mouse before the mouse met his maker. 

After awhile my kitten would grow and mature into a sophisticated cat. 
I would feed my cat a lot so it would get fat because fat, lazy cats 
are even cuter than little furry kittens.  I would feed my cat until it 
could not walk.  It would try to walk but then its belly would be so 
heavy that my cat would fall over and make a fat cat squeak.  I bet a 
fat belly cat squeak would be even cuter than a squeezing furry kitten 

A few years later, my cat would be old.  The older my cat gets the more
brain cells it would lose.  A stupid cat would be even cuter than a fat 
belly cat or furry kitten combined.  I would trick my stupid cat by 
putting a mirror in the doorway.  My cat would be so old and stupid 
that it would not know the mirror was there.  Instead, my stupid old 
cat would think it was the doorway and run into the mirror. It would 
make the cutest furry, fat, stupid cat squeak you would ever hear.  I 
think I will get a puppy. 


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