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At Sunset (standard:romance, 1184 words)
Author: AmandaAdded: Mar 27 2006Views/Reads: 1846/1071Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a diary of Danielle Davis, a sixteen-year-old girl, who has a big crush on a trouble maker, but then he gets a girlfriend. Danielle is heartbroken, but then her prince charming shows up just around prom.


September 17 Dear Diary, 

I just did get this diary today, so I have to write about myself first. 

My name is Danielle Davis, but people call me Dani. I'm sixteen years
old and my birthday is January twenty-first. I'm a sophomore soccer 
player at Columbus High School. 

I'm five foot tall and one hundred and two pounds. I have long, blonde,
baby fine hair with baby blue eyes. I have twelve earrings in each ear, 
a nose ring, a bellybutton ring and a tongue ring. Skating is my hobby 
and I have been doing it for six years. I don't drink alcohol, but I do 
smoke. I just started smoking at age fifteen and my mother buys them 
for me. I play the violin and the saxophone in school. I've played the 
violin for six years and the saxophone for three years. I'm also in 4-H 
and I love attending and volunteering in it. 

I don't have a boyfriend, but I have the hugest crush on Michael Pierce,
people call him Pierce. He's a senior and he plays football, baseball, 
and tennis. He has spiky blonde hair and baby blue eyes that I get lost 

My best friend is Amy Anderson, but she is a year older than me. She has
long, thick, red hair with green eyes, but she wears contacts to make 
them brighter. She has three earrings in each ear, a nose ring, three 
lip rings, a tongue ring, two eyebrow rings, and a bellybutton ring. 
She's a punk and she's so cool. 


October 2 Dear Diary, 

School was okay today, but at least I got to see Pierce play basketball
at lunch. Here's what happened today. 

Car Ride: Pierce took me to school today and we held hands for the first
time! That was so awesome. Too bad that he doesn't want a relationship 
or I would be his girl. 

Orchestra: I wrote a letter to Pierce saying how much I like him and
about holding hands in his car this morning. 

Math: Substitute teacher today, so we did puzzles on a worksheet. 

English: Got a novel to read. The novel is Rip Van Winkle. 

Lunch: Watched Pierce play basketball with his friends. 

History: Watched a movie about slavery. 

Gym: Ran around the gym after stretching. 

Dance: Worked on dance routine for a grade. 

Car Ride: Pierce is so sweet and hott. He held my hand all the way to my

My mother still thinks he's only a junior, but that's okay. I'm just
glad that I can hang out with him. 


October 3 Dear Diary: 

Pierce asked me to the Homecoming Dance. My mother just took me to the
mall to get a dress from Inspired By Angels. I love that store. It's a 
long, black, strapless dress with hot pink ribbon laced up in the 
front. I really hope Pierce likes it. 


October 6 Dear Diary, 

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