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Day at the lake (standard:other, 879 words)
Author: wolfcriesAdded: Oct 11 2006Views/Reads: 1985/1238Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
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Day At The Lake 

It was a very hot summer day, so Bailey and Lucky went down to the lake.
On the way to the lake they ran into a good friend, Pickles.  Pickles 
wanted to go the lake too, so he tagged along with the girls for a fun 
day in the sun and water. 

The road to the lake is a very busy road.  There are lots of cars going
very fast on the road, so the puppies had to be very careful walking to 
the lake.  Like all good puppies, they held hands, and watched for 
traffic.  Pickles told the girls that they should walk in the grass 
next to the road to make sure they would stay safe and away from all 
the cars. 

At the lake there were a lot of puppies swimming and having fun. 
Bailey, Lucky, and Pickles knew they would make a lot of new friends.  
They ran down the hill and jumped into the water. Lucky wanted to show 
off, so she ran up to the edge and did a big cannon ball.  SPLASH! She 
got everyone around her wet.  They were all impressed with the big 
splash she made. Bailey played tag with a big group of other puppies.  
They chased each other up and down the beach.  Pickles was doing tricks 
in the water and having fun. 

They made so many new friends; they knew they would always have new
things to do each day.  Everyone talked and laughed, and played all day 
long.  Bailey and Lucky were getting tired after playing all day.  
Pickles said he was getting tired too, but he didn't want to go home 
yet.  So all three found a huge shade tree next to the lake where they 
could take a nap. 

After they woke up, they ran back into the lake to cool off.  A lot of
the other puppies were still there, so they had a lot of puppies to 
play with.  Pickles found a tire swing hanging from a tree that went 
over the lake.  He jumped on the swing and was swinging as high as he 
could, before he jumped off and plunged into the water.  All the other 
puppies were watching and thought it looked like so much fun.  Soon 
there was a long line of puppies waiting to try the tire swing.  They 
spent most of the afternoon swinging from the tire and swimming in the 

When dinnertime got closer, all the moms started showing up and taking
the puppies' home.  Lucky, Bailey and Pickles were getting hungry too 
so they decided to head home too.  As they were walking up the hill 
back to the road a huge dog came up to them and offered them a ride 

“No thank you sir” Lucky said politely. 

Bailey just shook her head no and kept walking. Pickles stopped to talk
to the strange dog. 

“We only live a little ways down the road” Pickles told the man. 

“Well your mom asked me to pick you up.” The strange dog said. 

“Really? That was nice of my mom, but how did she know I was here? I
never told her.” Pickles said. “Oh sure you did, I'm sure of it, why 
else would I be here?” The big dog said. 

Pickles, lets go! Bailey shouted. 

Lucky grabbed Pickles and all they puppies ran to the nearest house. 
Bailey ran up the house and told the people some strange dog tried to 
pick them up.  She asked them to call the police for her too. 

Lucky told Pickles how dangerous it is to talk to strangers. 

“You should never talk to strangers. They could take you away and you
may never see your parents again!” Lucky said. 

“But we talked to all those puppies at the lake” Pickles said. 

“That was different, they are just puppies like us.  Never talk to
strange adults you don't know.  And set up a code word with your 
parents so if they do send someone to get you, you'll know it's the 

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