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All a Lie Chapter 4 (standard:mystery, 507 words) [4/4] show all parts
Author: Cooper47Added: Mar 08 2007Views/Reads: 1212/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
He is having tons of hallucinations, but tells no one.

All a Lie 

Chapter 4 

What is real?? 

It was the time. The time that Cedar feared for twelve days. If you were
at this day and in his shoes, you wouldn't want to even sleep for the 
pure horror--the day he gets his stiches tooken out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, 
mabye he over reacted, but still, I wouldn't imagine it to be so fun. 

"Okay, Three snips of my trusty sissors, and you sir, will be okay",
said Dr. Liner,"Also your mother and I talked of your idea of going 
back to school, and we said", pausing for a dramatic pause,"Yes". 

Cedar turned real quick to look at his mother, to see if he was lying,
but as he did so the sissors thrusted threw his--I ment Coop's heart. 
At first he didn't notice anything--by he I ment Cedar, but then some 
people were stareing at his chest, couldn't feel it. Everyone was 
yelling, but it seemed faint, like it was a dream--Oh my God, I am 
having a hallucination. So he thought he could do anything, but still 
failing to see the frickin' sissors sticking out of him. Then he looked 
down. No big deal if I am hallucinating, then I could pull this right 
out--and get out of this place. Only to hear RIIIIIIIIIING! 

The thing is, he isn't hallucinating, just lost all his feeling from
massive blood loss, and he is beginning to faint leads to the weird 

"Ha! See ya, I will get a doughnut", as he threw the sissors at someone
else after ripping it from his body. Only he had to get out, and the 
door was blocked by people, he looked around, and he saw a huge open 
window, and he jumped--jumped right threw it. It would have been fun, 
only it was a TWO STORY drop, and nothing but street to land on, he had 
fainted even before he hit the bottom. 

RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! He sees a clock, and he is all better. No pain or
anything. Then he asked,"what day is it? How long since I fell", he 
asked himself though. As he got up he got another idea, he looked at 
the calender,"April 9!! Its been a month". 

Then the walls melted away and new walls apeared, hospital walls. Huge
rounds of pain soon followed. All over, he couldn't escape the pain. 
Then he was stareing at the calender again. He couldn't figure out 
which one was real. He had 12 cycles of both places, and each time he 
couldn't find which was real. Then another hallucination--or was 
it--apeared, his stiches were gone and he was at school. 
OOOOOOOO! He couldn't think. Too many thoughts. 

Then all of them dissappeared, evan the real one, which ever one it was.
He was in blackness, floating. He couldn't breathe. Also he was stuck. 
Couldn't move. Then a light, he tryed to run towared it, but couldn't 
move. "No", he wispered."HELP"! 

Due to the time, this will be a two part chapter, PT. B coming soon to a
computer near you. 


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