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the good ol' days (standard:humor, 363 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Mar 27 2007Views/Reads: 2697/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
the good ol' heard about them, read about them...what were they really like? read on and see!!

The Good ol' days! 

Ah, people love to talk about days gone by. Like they were heaven-sent
and glorious. Pure and playful. Full of rainbows and lemon drops! 

I am sure that people were people then too. Just with a whole lot less

Remember the way people used to sit around the porch and watch the world
go by. Do you see much of this these days? Do you even know your 
neighbors? Or do you go to work, drive home and rush to see who emailed 

I challenge you to take one week out of your busy life and do nothing! 

Just sit on your porch, stoop, front lawn, whatever, and listen. 

Try to imagine your life with out electricity. Would it change the way
you breathe? The way you feel the warmth of the sun? The scent of 
flowers and trees blooming in springtime? Of course not! We just take 
these things for granted and we got too busy with our stuff to take the 
time out to smell the roses. 

The good ol' days were hard, no doubt about it. People didn't have the
good health care and technology they have today. But....they did have 
time to enjoy what was around them. They took walks in the park, went 
to church, raised barns, put out fires, nursed the sick and joined the 
army. God and country were valued and land was a legacy to be 

A man's land was his own and could not be taken away by greedy
developers to make profits. People were made of different stuff then. 

Today, people are just living in a virtual illusion of materialism and
the media brainwashes us into wanting more "stuff" to make our lives 

The truth is we were happy but we just didn't know it. We allowed the
media to tell us what to think and we gave up a piece of ourselves. 

So, again, I think the good ol' days had something to teach us. To be in
that quiet place, take a breathe, and think for yourself. 

And please, turn off that damn cell phone... 

just for a week...listen to the birds sing! 


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