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Laughs with Laura (standard:humor, 389 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Apr 21 2007Views/Reads: 2755/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this is a short anecdote that I am submitting for a family cookbook my brother and I are working on...this one is about my quirky aunt laura that gave me a new spin on getting story ideas!

I liked my Aunt Laura. Even though my dad thought she was a pain in the
ass sometimes. She lived with us when I was in high school. I don't 
remember what was the matter with her but she was always nice to me. 

She told me that all you need to know in life is how to do one thing
well. I told her that I can type well and I can also draw. She said the 
typing will get me further than the art. 

I kept practicing my typing because I wanted to be a typist or a spy. I
couldn't decide which one was more exciting. 

I had to get some material to write my spy novel. So Aunt Laura told me
to take a walk with her and peek in some windows. I didn't know what 
she meant until we started to peek. I saw some strange and wierd things 
happening in my own neighborhood just by peeking in a window. Is this 
against the law? Heck, Aunt Laura said it was okay to peek, so why 

Just don't get caught! 

It's funny how you see a wierd side of your neighbors serving up a bowl
of cake batter to a bunch of screaming kids. Ewwww, who would want to 
eat that shit? Not me! But Laura told me to write it down. So I took 
note of the wierd things my neighbors do. 

My heart was beating fast wondering if anyone saw us peeking in the
Normands' window, but no one saw us. 

I told Laura that family has 9 kids and they sing at a restaurant. Her
eyes got really wide, and that laugh of hers, "oh like the Von 
Trapps?", she a lark. 


"Let's hightail it out of here." and we proceeded to peek in Mrs. Cote's
window. I could see Darlene playing with her Barbies and not much else, 
when out of nowhere, Mrs. Cote, came rushing to the window and screamed 
at us. 

Laura screamed, grabbed me and ran for dear life 

"Hell, that face could scare a monster out of bed!!" 


I can still hear her voice..."Get off my property!!" 

That kind of put the kabosh on my spying in my neighborhood... 

I didn't know Aunt Laura could run that fast!! 

What a great spy!! 


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