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How I Learned to Speak Spanish (or My Dream Girl) (standard:humor, 3187 words)
Author: SpotlightAdded: Feb 21 2001Views/Reads: 3280/1939Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Was it destined to be true love? A bit of weirdness and my own twist on the cliche.

How I Learned to Speak Spanish (or My Dream Girl) 

by Spotlight 

I had a loop in my bracelet once.  That was my first bracelet,
purple-colored, a gem here and there, but the loop was the eye-widening 
part.  As you looked into the loop (it was where a gem had fallen out) 
you could see small images when it was around your wrist.  Take the 
bracelet off, and nothing... clear air.  I, of course, did not notice 
this for a long time, only catching a slight glimpse of light and 
mistaking it for the glinting of a gem. 

Accidents are the basis for most sciences and discoveries, this
discovery being no different.  A quick glance one day, when I had 
bruised my elbow on the corner of a door was the first instance in 
which i saw it.  Inside, the picture was a red and green and blue swirl 
that I couldn't see until my eye was almost touching the purple lining 
of the hole.   The blurry image began to focus and I saw the perfect 
view of a helmet-cam type movie.  I continued to watch, fascinated.  
There was no loop in the film, the action seemed live, and constantly 
moving up and down at eye-level.  Suddenly the camera tilted downward, 
and I saw the front side of the body that this camera seemed to be 
filming.  It was a she, dressed casual, a slightly tight top around the 
outside of her breasts.  I felt slightly voyeuristic for second, as if 
I shouldn't have the unsolicited view from above, but a tanned hand 
blocked my vision with a sports watch that read 3:32 PM.  The head was 
again lifted and I was treated to the smooth footage of a park zooming 

I lifted my own head from my bracelet and shook my entire body as a
reflex, blinking my strained eye.  With a groan, I stood and stretched, 
grabbing a chair from my apartment's kitchen. I laid the bracelet on 
the table, and sat in a more comfortable position, again staring 
through the loop, finding the clear emptiness inside that I quickly 
learned came from not wearing the thing.  With a quick switch, the 
bracelet was on my wrist again and the image of the front seat of a car 
came into view. 

There was a driver, but the camera woman was in the passenger's seat,
looking out windows, looking at the female driver, playing with the 
glove compartment.  The lips of the driver seemed to be moving... but I 
could not hear any sound.  I leaned my ear down to loop and heard 
faint, but audible voices... one of the driver and apparently the 
camera woman, and the slightest humming of the car.  The passenger's 
voice was distinctively louder, most likely because she was closer to 
the camera I had been peering through.  Her voice was melodic and 
beautiful,  no other sound I had heard before matched it, and I 
relaxed, even with the tenseness in my back muscles, taught in a 
hunched-over position. 

"Over there." she stated in her song-like voice, and I quickly switched
to see with my eyes, her hand pointing to the right and the car slowing 
down in front of a billboard sign for "Cedar Crest Apartment Complex, 
Columbus OH".  My mind acted faster than my heart as I scrambled for a 
pencil, eventually writing the name onto the coffee table and hunching 
over again.  She lived in Ohio, I knew and I was glad.  And also I knew 
she lived in Ohio which meant, I would have to travel forever to find 
this person.  I stared into the loop again, catching her as she stooped 
to reach underneath a flap in the wooden kickboard side of a hallway, 
inside her complex.  She stood again and I wrote the number "16" as she 
turned the key and entered. 

Her apartment was a one bedroom, small place, similar to mine, except
covered in opposite clothing.  I smiled, and moved away from the loop 
only to replace my eye with my nose.  Within a second, I was overrun by 
her every smell, every pheremone, everything around her, being 
intoxicated by this woman's aroma. 

I returned to my own senses, and switched again to her eyesight.  The
view was black and grey for a second, followed by the normal view and a 
shirt tossed through the air, landing on her nearby bed.  She bent 
forward, looking down over her thinly-veiled breasts, shucking her 
pants.  Her head then jerked upward and shook from side to side 
erraticly until her white lace top, stretched and fell out of view 
below her.  She bent and I then assumed she was fully undressed as she 

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