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Jail house Blues (standard:humor, 757 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 14 2007Views/Reads: 2229/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Uncle Wesley jail house winter time home goes sour. Wesley loves being locked up in the little Muddy Fork jail but on in the winter time...but like that old mountain saying all good things come to a end

Jail house Blues 

It was near winter time again and bout time for uncle Wesley to get
hisself locked up for winter keeping, Uncle Wesley loves to spend his 
winters in the Muddy Fork jail house, where its nice and warm and a man 
get three square meals a day, Pappy said that west loves to be outside 
in the spring and summer and fall but when winter comes he always 
manages to some how get put in the Jail house in Muddy Fork for winter 
board and keep, but this year a new sheriff was elected and uncle 
wesley ain.t to sure about how he will keep up the jail house running. 
it was october and uncle wesley was at our shack and he was setting in 
behind fire place and him and pappy was talking, and someone knocked on 
the door and pappy open it up and it was the new Sheriff and he had a 
paper in his hand, howdy sherifff pappy says” what can i do for you 
this chilly evening.. the tall sheriff said i have a warrent to serve 
on Wesley Bishop for letting on man Tom north cows out , and pappy 
said” well he is in here come on in and see for yourself... the tall 
lawman s walked inside our shack and said ; said to Wesley are you 
wesley B ishop I sure am said wesley getting up from his chair before 
the fire place.. and it about time you arrested me i thought you never 
would look me up wesley tells our new long do i get in 
jail for letting Tom cows and hosses out wesley asked? six  months is 
what the charges carrys replied the sheriff,, well that will get me out 
about april about corn planting time braggs” Wesley .you seem pleased 
to be headed to the jail house replied the sheriff,,, to be honest 
sheriff i ain,t got no where to stay in the winter but down under the 
corn grain shed and it gets a might cold laying under that old corn 
shed roof.....well said the sheirff i have something to tell you that 
might solve your problem what about you helping me this winter as a 
lawman and make up your six months that you have to pull in jail and i 
will get the county to pay you ten dollars a month to boot explained 
the sheriff...well what does a law man do asked Wesley? well sir me and 
you are going to arrested those woodfords that have been making 
moonshine around the county  and rid Muddy Fork of whiskey makers ... 
them woodford are mean as rattle snakes says” uncle ..Wesley they will 
shoot our buttons off he added” Uncle wesley face gets red with fear at 
the sheriff words do i have a choise asked Uncle wesley ? no the judge 
in muddy fork has applied this to your sentence , because of your 
winter time boarding in the jail he said” that you just used the jail 
house funds to lay in all winter with free room and board and he was 
tired of you milking the county.. Uncle Wesley shakes in his boot as 
the tall sheriff handed him a shiny badge...pappy smiles at what he is 
seeing out of wesley , things have back fired on him for sure ,, this 
winter he is going to be getting shot at by whiskey makers ...i 
declared a man can,t get free room and board these days says Wesley 
what is this country coming to he added.. wesley left with the sheriff 
and the last word we heared about him he had  got his ear shot off by a 
woodford while makeing a whiskey raid.. yes sir boys sometime living 
off the fat of the land can get mighty lean, and i do expect Uncle 
Wesley Bishop would declare that for sure, Doctor smith has made him a 
fony ear, mammy swares the ear is a might bigger than the real one he 
use to have...there is a bit of joy to this story after all, I heared 
that the young new sheriff mammy was a widow and Uncle wesley has been 
sort of moon eyed toward her. heck fire who knows Wesley might make 
high sheriff someday if he can keep that other good ear that is...when 
you mention Wesley  name pappy laugh and we can,t hardly get his laufer 
stopped.....well like grandpa Bishop alway has declared all is well 
that end well.......the end 


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