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Regret (standard:romance, 2875 words)
Author: firsttimewriterAdded: Jul 16 2007Views/Reads: 1649/1005Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of a young man looking back at the time when he met his first love. A girl who captivated his heart and soul


“Rather Than Regret Doing Nothing, Regret Something That You Have Done” 

I want to talk about something that can comfort and soothe us in our
most intimate and passionate of times as well as tear us and devour us 
when we deny its wishes. It can strike when we are most vulnerable or 
most guarded. Love is something we cannot define. It's an organic being 
that attaches itself to us and we have no idea how it will affect us. 
We can neither predict its causes nor can we rid ourselves of its 
influence. It is incomprehensible yet we live everyday knowing of its 
existence. As I look back upon the past and the things that I have 
done, I realize the things I should have done. It can be difficult to 
foresee the correct decisions we must make in life when we must 
simultaneously build the road of life as we walk it. I believe life is 
filled with deceit, a belief I stayed true to by deceiving myself and 
lying to others. I am constrained by my fears and doubts. The one thing 
I wish I could have in my life is love. Now, love has been something 
that I've wished I have since I could remember. Stories of star crossed 
lovers have always floated in my mind. But as I write this, I have only 
experienced love once. 

I've been in love before, when I was 12. You must be thinking “He was
only 12? He has no idea what love is at that age!” Yet, who truly knows 
what love actually is? I'm willing to share with you my personal tale 
of what I believe is but one example of a miraculous thing called love. 
I met a girl then, her name is Amy. She was gorgeous and funny, and we 
had so much in common. Since the day I met her I knew that she was 
special and I wanted to be close to her. I will never forget the day 
that I met her. I was out walking with a friend near where I lived, and 
I saw two girls wrestling on a hill. I walked over to see what they 
were doing. I got relatively close to where they were when all of a 
sudden they both started screaming at me and started to run towards me. 
My only reaction was to leave. I started heading towards where my 
friend lived and they were no where to be seen. Later that night I 
passed by a window with groups of pictures on it. It was the first time 
that I noticed the pictures. To my surprise, one of the girls that I 
saw on the hill opened the blinds and stared at me with the same 
surprised look that I was sure I mimicked in my own face. She stepped 
outside and I walked towards her as she turned an angry visage towards 
me. She started accusing me with blazing anger that I followed her to 
her home. I interrupted her and explained that I was innocent had no 
idea she lived there. I was merely admiring the pictures that she has 
drawn and put up on her window. 

Life can be quite strange sometimes. This odd coincidence will later
change my life and bring about emotions that to this day I have not 
felt again. After my explanation she became a whole different person. 
We started to talk and she even invited me in. Fate it seems is does 
not give anything out without a price. You see, I was 12 but she was 
16. There was a 4 year age gap. Though it did not seem that large an 
age gap, we lived in different worlds. Yet when I was with her, it 
didn't matter. I felt like a completely different person when I talked 
to her, a better person than I could ever imagine myself to be. She 
didn't seem to realize that I was only 12 so I told her that I was 14. 
What a lie that was but she believed me. 

The other girl was also there her is Crystal. Crystal was at Amy's home
as well and I got to know both of them. Now Crystal was also a very 
attractive girl. The truth is I liked them both a lot. Crystal was 
quite different from Amy. Crystal was quiet, and sometimes shy, while 
Amy was always full of energy and would voice her opinions openly. 
Crystal and Amy both loved art and drawing. I did too and that was what 
started our bond. We soon realized we had so much more in common. It's 
as if we were destined to know each other. These two girls which were 
best friends have captivated my heart and soul. The first day I met 
them I stayed over at Amy's home till 5 in the morning just exchanging 
tales about ourselves. By the time I went home, I still wanted to know 
more about them. As the days progressed we began to bond and we became 
close friends. For the entire summer I would see them almost everyday. 
Those were some of the best times of my life. We did everything 
together and became so close. 

During all this time they still believed that I was older than I was.
After that summer I finally revealed to them my lie. I remember Amy 

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