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The Birthday Party (standard:humor, 1218 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Jul 28 2007Views/Reads: 1941/1005Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Kirk's 65th birthday bash is a bit unusual...Spock is in charge of the fun and games ...its a real blast!!

Space The Final Frontier..... 

Spock looks over the guest list for his best friend. He wants to make
his 65th birthday a special one. They have been traveling together on 
the Enterprise for over 40 years now... 

"Oh the good old days!", remarks Spock sentimentally. "I am Vulcan! I
must not feel such human emotion. But I am after all half human and 
Kirk does look hot in his tight, pants. 

Fanning himself, Spock calms down and reads the guest list once more
with greater calm. 

" Scottie, Ohura, McCoy, Sulu, Chekov I can't be logical when I have
Vulcan alzheimers' now can I? What's his name??" Pounding his head to 
will the information out no longer works. Spock has forgotten the 
Russian guy's name! Oh the shame of it all!! 

Shaking his head, Spock continues down his guest list which includes
Fred Flinstone, Barney, Dino, Barnabas Collins and Angelique, Tiny Tim, 
Dr. Smith and Zorro. Remember not to invite the Klingons. They are 
party poopers. 

"I have to bake the cake, Sulu will be in charge of the games and Scotty
will be in charge of flash light tag." 

Spock, being the logical one, put on his apron, speed reads the recipe
for a 25 layer cake with icing and logically puts all the ingredients 
on the table. 

"Let's see. I need flour, eggs, butter, oil and baking powder. What is
the baking powder? It hardly seems like a logical ingredient. Hardly 
necessary to the making of a birthday cake. Hmmmmmm...How odd to add a 
dry powder to accomplish a rising of a cake but as the directions for 
the birthday cake call for baking powder, I must abide. Where is the 
blasted baking powder? I will use my Vulcan mind meld to bring the 
powder to me!!" 

"With my mind I shall see where the baking powder be!" Spock put his two
fore fingers to his temples and willed the powder to him. A powerful 
smell came over him as he thought too hard and let loose the pungent 
Vulcan gas bomb. It confused him for a minute and he was even more 
determined to get the blasted powder to make the birthday cake for 
Captain Kirk. 


"Magic powder for my cake, come to me for I must bake!" 

He again put his fingers to his temples to invoke the Vulcan mind meld
to the object of his desire. A rumbling came from the cupboard, but not 
the kitchen cupboard. From a foreign source. 

The gun room. 

A bag of gun powder came flying up the elevator on its own volition.
Past stunned crew member and others that knew Spock was in the kitchen 
baking again. 

"Oh its that Spock again! Thinks he a wizard!" 

"He is a wizard. A gay one! Don't tell anyone this but I think he has
the hots for Captain Kirk. That's why he volunteers to bake for him. He 
would even pop out of the cake if Kirk asked him. Poor Spock!" 

"That Spock sure is a queer eye for the space guy! I notice every time
Kirk comes into the room Spock perks up if you know what I mean." 


"Oh yeah. Like the French say, "Je ne sais quoi!!" (i don't know what is
about it, but i like it i like it!!) 

Back in the kitchen.... 

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