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QUASIMODO NEEDS A HUMP (standard:humor, 597 words)
Author: Danny ZilAdded: Oct 03 2007Views/Reads: 2780/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Well whoever woulda thought that the Hunchback of Notre Dame would be beggin for a hump !?

“Will you get off my fucking back !” yelled Quasimodo, staring at
himself in the mirror. 

His hump ignored him. 

Lying on the couch, Fragrant Belle giggled. How she loved Quasi. The
ugly fuck ! Snuggled inside her panties, her fanny quivered in the 
safety of knowing it would never be breached by him. 

Fragrant Belle giggled again. This time in anticipation of her next
insult. “Never mind, Quasi,” she said, “at least you'll always have 
something to fall back on !” 

Appreciating her wit and knowing he'd never fuck her, Quasi grinned.
Such a hideous grin. He glanced at himself in the mirror. “Jesus, what 
a horrible looking bastard I am !” he announced. “The twisted eyes, the 
big nose, the hunchback...but the cock ! My God, the cock !” He grinned 
and proudly displayed it. 

He and Fragrant Belle watched it surface for air, snaking up thick and
proud and demanding attention. 

Fragrant Belle permitted herself not to touch it - but a part of her
longed to stroke the thick, throbbing organ. ‘If only Mr Fragrant Belle 
had a dick like that,' she mused and sighed. 

Fragrant Belle had been a bit of a slut in her day – back then she loved
dick, now she loved dick and money. Mr Fragrant Belle provided the 
latter and currently, the handsome young baker boy provided the former. 

She sniggered and prepared for another barb. “Did you know they've named
a bridge after you, Quasi ?” she asked him coyly. 

Quasi tore his attention away from his large member. He found himself
intrigued. “They've named a bridge after me ?” he asked. 

Fragrant Belle bit back a snigger. “Yes,” she said, “it's called the
hump-backed bridge !” 

Quasi laughed and clapped his hands. “I had a hunch you were going to
say that !” he told her. 

Fragrant Belle giggled deliciously. Inside her panties, her fanny
quivered again and was almost tempted to fuck an ugly guy. But the 
moment passed. 

Quasi ambled round the room, following his erection. “I'm thinking of
going to see a special doctor,” he told Fragrant Belle. 

“Why, whatever for ?” she asked, intrigued by the notion. 

Quasi continued ambling round the room, delaying the moment. Finally he
had to tell her. “I'm thinking of having my hump enlarged,” he 

Fragrant Belle found herself taken aback – no, that was by the handsome
young baker boy (who, if truth be told, took her a-front as well). “Why 
not get two humps ?” she suggested, impressed by her imagination. “Then 
you can wear one of my corsets !” 

Quasi stroked the moment and his cock as he suddenly realised that you
didn't have to be a woman to wear their clothes. “Well I would say you 
deserve a pat on the back for that one !” he told her and they both 

Outside, the wind howled through places where the Eiffel Tower would
stand and as he sat writing in his room, Emile Zola wondered why he 
would one day be confused with an Italian football player. 

Quasi returned to stroking his erect organ. “I never thought I'd say it,
“ he announced, “but Quasimodo needs a hump !!” 

Fragrant Belle watched as he stroked his big cock and was once again
semi-tempted to have a quick fuck. She glanced round – who would know ? 

Inside her panties, her fanny was also temporarily tempted but
considered things and desisted. 

‘Oh Quasi,' thought Fragrant Belle, ‘you're too ugly - but the young
baker boy is handsome and has balls like two firm peaches !' 


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