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Genetic Testing (standard:Editorials, 1425 words)
Author: LoriAdded: Oct 22 2007Views/Reads: 2382/1172Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I saw a story on T.V. this morning that bugged me. I wrote an essay on the topic and on others which links the subjects together. I hope you read it and let me know how you feel.

Genetic Testing 

This morning I saw something which blew me away. Every Sunday morning,
as a ritual, my husband and I watch Sunday Morning on CBS before we 
watch our favorite preacher at 10 o'clock. This morning looked to be an 
interesting show because they were going to talk about a subject I have 
always been in favor of, Genetic Testing. 

I think it would be neat to be able to chose which sex of child I want
to have. NOW, wait. NO! I'm not thinking of having any more children, 
at least not the two legged kind. I've had my two children, who are 
almost grown, so there is NO way I'm going to take a risk like that 
again. Since I'm no spring chicken, it can't be determined the child 
would come out healthy anyway. And NO, I'm not against having an 
imperfect child. Have you seen my children? Trust me, they may be 
hearty and healthy, but they are FAR from perfect. BUT, they are MY 
angels and that's all that matters. 

Now back to what I was saying. I believe in genetic testing. If a woman
could be told in advance what to expect, which they can now days thanks 
to genetic testing, about having a child with some kind of problem it's 
to the benefit of the parents. I believe in testing for any kind of 
disease or ailment. And yeah, it would be neat to determine the sex of 
the baby in advance. Having two boys, I've longed for a little girl for 
years. I've even considered, when I was MUCH younger, having this 
procedure done when they first started talking about it. Thank goodness 
I didn't! 

What I didn't know, and they don't openly discuss, is what happens to
the left over fetuses. Are they left around to rot? Are they thrown 
out? What happens to them? That wasn't discussed, and if it was it was 
AFTER I muted the T.V. from being disgusted at the process. 

I'm one of those people who depend on faith a LOT, and who believe a
soul enters the minute of conception. You have a new life growing 
inside of you. How can it not have a soul? I believe when God hands you 
a miracle so precious as a child you should feel, not only proud to be 
parents, but blessed because it's a gift to be a Mother or Father. 

I don't take being a parent for granted or take the responsibilities
lightly. My children may not be the best behaved, or geniuses, but they 
are MY children and I've raised them to have a mind of their own. They 
know right from wrong. They've been given the tools they need in life 
to make sound decisions. The rest of it is up to them. I can't hold 
their hands forever, NOR do I want too. I have to give them to the 
world so they can grow, and so they can experience all the wonderful 
things life has to offer. 

Even though I'm a woman of faith doesn't mean I don't believe in
abortions. I believe it's a woman's right to chose if she wants to have 
a baby or not. In my opinion there should be more of them. Yeah, I know 
that's not going to go over well with some of you, but look at it from 
my point of view. I am a child of abuse and a survivor of TWO rapes. I 
didn't ask to be used in this matter, nor do I condemn the men who hurt 
me. What they did isn't for me to judge, not my place to put myself out 
there for the retaliation I know I would have if I did judge them. 

Do I hate them? Not really, because maybe I did ask for it. I was naive
and so stupid to believe the lines I was given that by the time I 
figured out it wasn't what I wanted it was too late to back out of. Do 
I wish them harm? No, because I know they served their purpose in my 
life. Plus, if I don't wish pain on the man who killed my father, why 
in the world would I want to injury two men who were so full of 
themselves they didn't know “Yes” from “NO!”? It's not my place to 
decide what their punishment is. That is for their God to dish out. 

Have I ever had an abortion? No. Would I have had one, if I had gotten
pregnant, by any of these men? YOU BET YOUR SWEET A** I WOULD HAVE! 
That is no way to bring a child into the world. You would end up 
regretting your decision to have the child, and you can't be sure you 
could love it because of the situation you were in when you got 
pregnant. Just because YOU don't know what's right for someone doesn't 
mean they don't. And trust me, I KNOW what's right for me! 

Do I condone abortions? Depends on the circumstances of the abortion. Do

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