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We Need Dollars... Not Change (standard:humor, 449 words)
Author: Reid LaurenceAdded: Feb 23 2008Views/Reads: 2458/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Left wing, right wing, who cares? This plane is never gonna get off the ground anyway. Can't we work out a deal and let Bush do another term?

“Hey boy! Where is that lazy, shiftless, son-of-a...” 

“Here I am Mr. Obama. Hold on sir, I'll get your car right away.” 

“What's tak'in so long boy? I'm a busy man. Don't you know that? Geez,”
muttered the newly appointed President after the parking attendant had 
left to retrieve the car. “I am never parking here again. It seems to 
me to be my general misfortune in life to have to meet all of the 
slowest – and I do mean slowest – white people in town. In fact, it's 
almost like they're following me. Where does he get off calling me Mr. 
Obama anyway?” 

“Excuse me sir, but just how should he have addressed you?” questioned
the Kenyon aid, who was one among many of the growing throng of newly 
arrived advisors to President Obama and was very quickly, getting to 
know the impetuous young man. 

“Ohh, I don't know,” replied the easily angered incumbent. “Boss; Massa;
Captain; Top Dog; Head Honcho; Numero uno ... any one of a number of 
titles may have worked, but theses people, I don't know... what are 
they... Scandinavian or something? That guy's skin is so bright white, 
it hurts my eyes.” 

“What would you like me to do about it sir? I can fire him if you like.”

“No,” answered the President, as he carefully watched the long, shiny
limousine drive precisely to a convenient spot in front of the two men. 
“Why don't you just hang him in the town square and implement that new 
bill I passed.” 

“What bill was that sir? You've passed so many lately it's difficult for
me to remember.” 

“You know... the Get Back At Whitey Bill .” 

“But what if...” 

“Yes, what if what?” asked President Obama, getting into the finely
upholstered back seat as the attendant waited to close the heavily 
armoured, elaborate steel and kevlar door. 

“What if we're wrong sir and it turns out that the attendant is a Jew,
not Scandinavian at all.” 

“Why are we even having this conversation Uchenna? If he's a Jew, just
implement the appropriate new bill.” 

“Sir, you mean the Get Back At Jews Bill?” 

“Exactly,” replied the president, and if anyone asks you about what
you're doing, just tell them you're inspiring change.” 

“I see. I'm to use the phrase you coined when you campaigned for

“You got it,” replied the strong willed, master of persuasion and debate
as the vehicle got close enough to the White House to observe its 
present state of disrepair. “It got me where I am today, didn't it? And 
one more thing Uchenna...” 

“What's that sir?” 

“Never question an Obama decision. Only Oprah has the power to do that.”


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