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Good Friends and Family (standard:humor, 980 words)
Author: Reid LaurenceAdded: Mar 23 2008Views/Reads: 2021/1182Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
We need to be grateful for what we have, don't we? I mean, the fact in itself that we don't have to go through life alone is something right there, isn't it?..

Thinking to myself, I just can't get over the good feeling I get when I
look back on all the people I have in my life who love and appreciate 
me. I've got two brothers and a father who's still alive and well, 
living in Arizona. My dad is one of the luckiest people I know. He's 
got a pool in his yard and an orange tree growing right beside it. 
Man... what a luck. I live up north in the freezing cold. I don't even 
know why I live up here. I guess I just got used to it, but there are 
those times when I can't help but wonder what's going on in their 
lives. You know, one of those moods where you want to check up on 
friends and loved ones, just to find out how they're doing. So here 
goes... I think I'll start off by calling my older brother Marc. He 
lives out west in Nevada. I bet everyday's a holiday out there. Well... 
there we go, I found his number and I'm dialing. Okay! He's picking up, 
super, my brother Marc... 

“Hey Marc! It's me, Reid. How'ya do'in?” 

“Huh, who? Who is this?” 

“It's me, your brother Reid. Hey, how's it go'in?” 

“Oh, it's you. Hey listen. I'm expecting an important call any minute.
I'll get back to ya. Later.” ‘click' 

Hmm... I guess he had something important to do. Yeah, that ‘click'
noise was him hanging up alright, but if I know Marc, he had a really 
good reason to keep our conversation to a few brief but meaningful 
words. Yo, I know what I'll do, I'll call my dad. He's older an wiser 
then we are anyway. You gotta learn to put your trust in someone, you 
know what I mean? You can't go losing your faith in humanity. That's no 
way for anyone to live. Now where did I put his number?.. Here we go! 
I'll just ask him how he's do'in and stuff like that. You know, the way 
a father and son can shoot the breeze all day about damn near anything. 
So here goes... I can hear it ringing. You gotta give him a little time 
to get to the phone lately, he's no spring chicken anymore. 

“Hello. Who is it?” 

“It's me dad! Yer ever lov'in son Reid. How are ya.” 

“Oh, gee Reid. This is a bad time right now.” 

“Uh, oh. What's up? You can tell me dad, I'm no stranger. Give it to me
straight. Is it a health issue? You want me to come down an help out? I 
can be there by tomorrow morning if I hustle, just give me the word.” 

“No, no. Nothing like that. I was just on my way out the door that's
all. There's a lunch time special going on at a new, all you can eat 
place. Why don't I call you later? How's that? Gotta go now. Be good.” 

Well it sounds to me like he better hurry if he wants to get there in
time. That's understandable. Besides, I'd really rather talk to a peer 
anyway. Someone my own age who knows and understands me. Someone who 
understands a whole bunch of stuff... like my old high school friend 
Dan. Dan's in charge of a whole group of young scientists at Berkeley, 
California. I swear, he's the smartest person I ever met. I'll just 
give him a buzz and find out what he's doing. His life is so exciting. 
He's either discovering a new comet or solving aids or something. I 
don't even know. Whatever it is he does is so complicated, he doesn't 
even want to tell me. He probably just knows I won't understand anyway, 
so what's the use in explaining. Oh well, I'll just call his cell phone 
here an maybe get ta pick his brain a little if I'm lucky... 

“Hello... Neumark Research Group. How can I help you?” 

“Hi! Hey, is Dan around? This is his old friend Reid. Can I talk to

“Umm, I've just spoken to Mr. Neumark and he says he doesn't know anyone
by that name.” 

“Whaddaya mean? I don't understand. Of course he knows me. We went to
high school together. Tell him it's me, Reid Laurence. He'll know me.” 

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