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Home Town Heroes (standard:humor, 79295 words)
Author: Coach MacAdded: Dec 17 2008Views/Reads: 2319/2955Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is the story of a young man of Spanish heritage who comes from Louisianna to Rocin, Texas in the early 1970's to coach high school football. Along with his introduction to Texas football, he is introduced to Skipper, the town of Rocin, and his own mi

“Home Town Heroes” By P.R. (Mac) McStravick 

2114 Musket Ridge Richmond, Texas 77406 Ph. 281-239-8539 

This book and all its properties are copyrighted by the Author 

This book is dedicated to the Men, Women, Coaches, and Marines who have
influenced my life. 

This book is also dedicated to my parent’s family, who have been my best
friends over these many years. And, my parents themselves. 

Lastly, this book is dedicated to my own family: Patrick, Megan, and
Kaylyn, and  in particularly, to my loving wife, Peggy. 

A special thanks goes out to the late Rosemary “Ma”  Dunk, and Mike
Tawney for their encouragement and support, And to those young men who 
have fought, bleed, and supported me on my own sports’ teams over the 
years- Thank you; I have loved you all. 

Home Town Heroes By P.R.(Mac) McStravick 

List of Main characters 

“Skipper” O’Brien - A former Korean Marine who coaches in a small town
in Texas. He has decided that this is the year they could go all the 
way to the state play-offs. He has decided to invest in a new offensive 

Emil ( Robert E. Lee) Lee Sanchez- Of Cajun/Spanish descent: a young man
who is new to Texas high school football, but a former college player 
himself. He has just been hired by Skipper and the Rocin Bulls. 

Bob Zeminski- a coach at Rocin High School. A former Vietnam soldier who
is called “Killer Bob” by the players due to his intensity and light 
amount of talking. Coaches the linebackers and kick-off teams. 

Harry Smith- Called “Handsome Harry” by the players. Tries to romance
every woman he meets and does succeed more often then not. Coaches the 
receivers and secondary. 

David Sheppard- a troubled young man who is very close to Skipper, makes
a mistake and has the choice to go to jail or to prison. He has family 
trouble, and he a very talented athlete. See Skipper as his father 

Deputy Zycheck- deputy who arrest and helps Skipper with David. 

Vice Principal Smith- portly middle aged man , who has a inferiority
complex, and is jealousy of Skipper’s success. 

Doc Woods- Town and team doctor. 

**Father Tom Fitzgerald (?)- Catholic priest at St. 

Reverend Hope- First Baptist of Rocin 

Pastor Charles (Chuck) Neilson- Lutheran minister 

David Shepard- former captain of football team, that got in trouble and
had to join the Army. 

Anne Beckingdorf- nurse and wife of Muley Sanchez 

Jimmie (Aussie) Knowles- QB move in from Australia 

Doug Wohl- good player who gets in trouble with girl-friend and is
suspended for one game. 

Whale Hale- Heavy lineman; CPR object, loses dad? 

Hog Curtis- grows into body. Parents confront Skipper 

Gloria Nugent- girl-friend of Doug Wohl 

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