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THE BASTARD (standard:humor, 937 words)
Author: Danny ZilAdded: Feb 19 2009Views/Reads: 2452/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Appearances can be deceptive, very deceptive. This dude's turned out real smart....but check out what he's up to.


Yeah okay I'd had a bit too much to drink an yeah a bit too much to
smoke, I'll admit it. I was feelin that pleasant, relaxed, drowsy way 
the combination of booze an hash makes you feel. I was just driftin off 
to sleep when I caught myself. Good job I did because I was drivin a 
bus full of kids on the mornin run to Nursery School. 

Luckily none of the kids noticed me swerve - they were all too busy
playin around an yackin to each other. 

Anyway there was nothin in my appearance to give away what I'd been
drinkin an smokin. That's because I turn myself out real smart for work 
- short hair, clean shaven, white shirt an tie an a neatly pressed 
uniform. Oh an the Clove Oil, the drinkin man's mouthwash. It kills 
toothache but it also kills the smell of booze stone dead. So the story 
is that I get a shit load of toothache but I got a dentist phobia an 
that's why I use Clove Oil all the time. 

The drowsiness passed an I drove to the Nursery School an dropped of all
the kids, pattin the little bastards on the head as they left like I 
gave a fuck about them. 

I drove away from the Nursery School, casually crushin a cute stray
puppy under the front wheels of the bus an headed over to Maxy's. 

Maxy had called me the night before to tell me he was gettin a new
delivery of Russian whores an did I want to cast an eye over them. I 

I had a coupla beers an then picked out one of the pretty ones. Late
teens. Innocent lookin. Natalya, she said her name was. We went 
upstairs. Five minutes after I had met her, she was tellin me in broken 
English that she loved me an wanted to marry me an have kids. Five 
minutes after I had banged her up the ass, she had changed her mind. 
When I left she was standin at the window, weepin. Well she couldn't 
very well sit down an weep, could she? Well, not for a while. 

I smoked some weed on the bus then headed back to the Nursery School an
picked up the kids then on to the pick-up point and picked up the Moms 
an took them all across for lunch at the Church. The joint was run by 
this kindly black Minister who told me he'd come over from Africa to 
carry out missionary work in the States. 

Apart from free sandwiches an donuts, lunch time gave me a good
opportunity to check out the Moms on two levels - who was ripe for 
bangin an whose apartment was right for turnin over. 

One of the Moms was catchin my eye at present. A sexy little Hispanic
chick. What an ass on her. 

With some casual chattin I then learned which Dads were at work an with
the Moms here for an hour, it gave my cousin Sonny enough time to turn 
over whatever apartment we'd decided on. We did one a month in a 
different area an Sonny changed his entry method each time to avoid 
suspicion. Shit, the bus drivin job didn't pay much an when we split 
the burglary money it added to the monthly paycheck. 

Then it was time to drop off the kids at the Nursery School for the
afternoon session an then the Moms back at the pick-up point. That 
Hispanic chick gave me a come-on smile as she left. What a pair on her. 
Maybe get Sonny to do her apartment next week then drop by to comfort 

Next I headed over to visit my Mother in hospital. She likes fresh
flowers once a week so I stopped by the cemetery an picked her up a big 
buncha nice roses from a grave. Now you know what old folks are like - 
Mother always insisted on payin for the flowers an I didn't want to 
start an argument an upset her so I took the fifty bucks. I also took 
her lunch which she hadn't touched - it would do for my dinner later. 
Nice bit of steak it was. 

The last run of the day was back to the Nursery School to pick up the
kids an take them home. Christ, them kids. Two hours pissin about in 
the mornin an two hours pissin about in the afternoon - they'll prob'ly 
grow up to be Detroit auto workers. 

I parked up the bus then headed home to catch an hours sleep before
headin out for the evenin. 

I had a quick shower when I woke, followed by dinner then strolled over
to Lenny's for some poker. I had a few whiskeys an then that cousin of 
Lenny's started hangin round me. Bitch just couldn't keep her hands off 
me. Eventually Lenny got pissed off watchin an told me to just take her 
through the back an poker. So I did. 

I went home around eleven, had a nice smoke an was asleep before

I like to get up early in the mornin an take my time gettin ready for
work. I love lyin in the bath with a coupla beers an some music then a 
leisurely shave with a coupla whiskeys. After that I roll a big fat 
joint to keep me company when I'm ironin my uniform. 

Hey, I take my appearance serious, you know. A man has to look smart
when he's drivin all them kids around on the freeway, now doesn't he? 


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