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The Bug (standard:humor, 576 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 11 2009Views/Reads: 1924/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
backwoods tale

The Bug 

Some men have mean wicked ways and that be the case of Walter north he
was the most despised man in Jackson county Kentucky, he was a wife 
beater, and would not allow his own children to eat at the same table 
where he eat, he looked for trouble every day he would meet folks on 
the road waking and cuss them out for nary reason at all just so he 
could whip them good and leave them bleeding on the road,  he had 
knifed and killed two man who he claimed had tore a fence down on his 
property, folks around Jackson always said even God had no use for 
Walter North , he would not allow his wife and children to attend the 
township church, and beat his children with a leather whip, he was a 
man that neighbor folks all feared, never a kind word ever come from 
his lips, and old dog had pups on his place and he put them in a burlap 
sack and put rocks in the sack with the pups and drowned them in the 
Rockcastle river, he would tie two tom cat together with a rope and 
threw them over a clothes line and watch them fight and scratch 
themselves to death, yes sir he was the meanest and most wicked man 
Jackson county ever had known, two men he had killed lay in the Jackson 
graveyard he claimed to the law he had kill them in self-defense and 
won his case in court because witness were afraid to  swear against 
him.. His wife slipped and went to church one Sunday taking their 
children for the first time to a church meeting she thought he was 
passed out drunk and she could go to church in between hi s 
drunkenness. , she was wrong he come out of his passed out spell and 
new that his wife had probably slipped off to take their children to 
church, she has often begged him to let her take them to church and 
Sunday school, he rode his mule to the small township church house 
broke up the meeting and nearly beat the pastor to death, he told the 
preacher that the next whipping would be his last that he would kill 
him if he allowed his wife and kids to attend church. Some men go to 
the limit with God two week later after the church beating  of the good 
pastor Walter North was chopping weeds  out a stand of potatoes, and a 
small bug bite him and he died two hours later, folks were glad and 
even his kids  never cried a tear at his passing away, no matter how a 
man may seem strong and invincible God can take him out with the bite 
of a common bug , all his life he had tormented folks, making men beg 
him not to kill them with his pistol he always carried,  we have wicked 
men today that walk the earth in bitterness with such wicked heart as 
Walker had ...not a single soul attended his burying but the men who 
covered him up and had dug his grave for the service of the county , on 
his marker read as this Walter was a thud Who beat the preacher with a 
club And was killed graveyard dead by the bite of a potato Bug. Folks 
laughed ever time they read his inscription on his tomb stone. 


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