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uncle Franks becomes Deputy sheriff in Muddy Fork County (standard:Inspirational stories, 2086 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 25 2009Views/Reads: 2050/1377Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
lazy old uncle Frank becomes a respected lawman, in Muddy fork township

Uncle Frank Becomes a sheriff deputy 

It was nigh winter time in Muddy Fork county Kentucky just about time
for my old sorry uncle to get himself arrested and carted off the Muddy 
Fork county jail, Franks is Mammy brother and I cannot say she is proud 
of that fact, 

paw says he is the laziest man ever he seemed, paw always said he would
have someone chew his food if that was possible , and to beat it all he 
is going on fifty years old and don.'t have a roof over his head, every 
year about fall time Franks does some crime that get him about six 
months in jail, knowing that in there he get room and board and three 
free meals, and he know paw and mammy will kept him during farming 
season , and paw let him sleep in the old boxed end barn shed, but when 
cool weather comes he plans out some crime to commit so he can have all 
winter just laying around in the county jail, ever old sorry man in the 
country knows him from him wintering in the jail , and most will give 
him tobacco to roll him a cigarettes, and that just fits his fancy to 
be a jail bird for six month of bad winter weather, he knows paw will 
have him chopping fire would and helping feed our cattle hey and 
helping with the hog killings in the fall and he don't want to have no 
part in any work he can get out off. 

It come fall again and last week Frank went over to our nearest neighbor
and let down the gap in old man Moore cattle field and all his cattle 
got out and Frank made sure someone seen him do it so he would sure get 
arrested for criminal mischief which would get him six months in Muddy 
Fork county jail house, it has been just a week since he let the old 
man cows out , that paw and I and Franks sees' sheriff turner come to 
our place riding a pretty horse with a star on its saddle, Sheriff 
Tuner knows franks well and he knows he want run because he arrest him 
ever fall for some kind of law breaking, 

Franks said howdy sheriff guess" "you looking for me he asked?" Yes you
are  right old man Moore filed a indictment against you for letting his 
cattle out and causing the poor old man to have to pay neighbors to 
help find and retrieve his cattle , Franks you should be ashamed of 
yourself doing that old man like that and him being old and all Sheriff 
Tuner said” the sheriff has a paper in his hand , and Frank asked?" is 
that the warrant ? Know it not this year . The Muddy Fork Judge has 
ordered you to become a deputy Sheriff and hes" going to  pay for your  
work helping me round up law breakers, after six month you'll be free 
from being a lawman, the sheriff explained” do tell "Frank said "‘  I 
watched his face turn from a red color to a pale color, that is from 
the judge Franks asked?  really? Yes thats right affirmed Sheriff 
Turner. You come on into town tomorrow and be sworn in and I'll give 
you a badge and sheriff clothes, 

our high sheriff turn his horse and ride away, now you have did it for
sure, them bishops will kill you when you have to go raid their 
moonshine still, after you have bought the brew off them , and now your 
going to be a lawman because the judge ordered instead of jail time , 
man your winter time vacation has turned sour as grapes paw laughed at 
the now worried looking uncle Frank, 

if they was ever a man that deserved this its" you brother in law, you
have milked the county for so many years laying in jail eating up tax 
money poor old farmers like myself pays it serves you right pappy 
said”and chuckled at his own words. 

that Judge will teach you to milk the county Mammy said" "and laughed" ,
she has heard from the porch stoop the sheriff talking and telling 
Franks his orders, it was sure funny to see old sorry uncle wearing 
lawman clothes and to be honest he made a good looking lawman with that 
handlebar moustache he always wears on his face, on his side was a long 
forty five pistol and his shell belt was full of bullets . 

He brought the news that him and the high sheriff was going to raid the
Bishop whiskey still and that he probably be shot down deader than a 
hammer, sheriff Turner is making me carry the search warrant and I will 
be the first man to be likely shot he said” if I had never had bought 
whiskey off them they might of spared killing me he added” and to beat 
it all they will think I am a snitch for the sheriff and the lord know 
and everyone in the county knows they make and sale whiskey 

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