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War Games - Prologue (standard:action, 1538 words) [1/4] show all parts
Author: AndrewUpdated: Dec 07 2009Views/Reads: 2360/1134Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Waking up in a war can be a difficult thing. Having no memory of who you are can be even harder.


I lay here underneath heavy lights as beads of sweat run down my
forehead. I can feel heart racing faster and faster as I open my eyes. 
Squinting against the light as my eyes adjust I try to get a look at my 
surroundings. Men in long white coats rush around the room to 
accomplish their tasks. A couple men stand over me looking nervously 
back towards the door. I slowly lift my head and try to flex my 
muscles. They feel as if they haven't been used in years. I hear 
screams that slowly grow louder and louder filling the building. 
There's a trembling getting closer and I can tell whatever it is, is 
almost upon us from the fear in their eyes. I can hear the men 
whispering among themselves but can barely make out what they're 

“We have yet to restore his memory.” 

“He isn't ready we must get him out of here.” 

“We will never make it he's to fast for us.” One of the men turns to me
and points a finger towards the window. 

“You must go now before he arrives,” his voice quivering in fear. 

I look to the other men who nod me on and then slowly swing my legs over
the table. Dressed only in a hospital gown I wince as my feet touch the 
cold ground. I cautiously approach the window that encases the entire 
outer wall and all I see outside is the night sky. My palms press 
against the glass and as I look down I notice we are at least thirty 
stories up. I step back quickly, startled by the height. I turn my head 
back to the men. Trying to speak the words come out roughly through my 
dry throat. 

“You...want” my words trail off as I see no need to continue.
They urge me on anxiously and I turn back towards the window. I step 
closer so my body is pressed up against the cold glass. If what I'm 
thinking is right they want me to jump out but that would kill me. They 
appear to be interested in my safety and on my side. Then why would 
they insist on my imminent undoing. An aroma starts to burn my nose and 
I close my eyes trying to identify it. It seems to smell like...sulfur. 
Just then the door is kicked open and I spin around to see a grayish 
figure standing in the doorway. 

“So this is where they're keeping the lab rats these days ha? Looks like
I showed up just in time to exterminate. Oh and sorry about your 
buddies on the stairs they just got in my way.” 

Laughing with a tormenting smile on his face, he looks human but his
skin is a dark grey color.  He opens his mouth and a thick black smoke 
spews out around the men. Their bodies combust and incinerate on 
contact. I turn my head cringing as they're reduced to ashes. Taking a 
step back towards the window I raise my arm to cover my face. The 
figure turns his attention to me and smirks. 

“Where do you think your going? You scared kid?” He walks towards me and
I press my hands back to the window. 

“Who...who are you” I ask with lips quivering thinking about my own

“That information is irrelevant as you shall soon be dead and unable to
process is anyways” he says within five feet of me now. I quickly got 
through my mind trying to find any bit of information to save my life 
from what seems its inevitable fate. First nothing, my mind appears to 
be an empty slate without data to draw from. Then a small spark reminds 
me of the doctors telling me to jump out the window. They appeared to 
be on my side, could they have known something I don't? Well in my 
current state I'm sure they do. In any case it's my only bit of 
information to work with. Thinking about what I'm going to do makes my 
body shake from a mixture of fear and adrenaline. I clench my fists 
tight trying to gather up all the courage I can muster. I take a big 
step forward towards the other being and plant my left foot firmly on 
the ground. He stops moving curious as to my actions. 

“Are you going to fight me” he asks somewhat amused by my antics. I

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