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The Buck stops here and other political gibberish (standard:humor, 909 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Mar 01 2010Views/Reads: 1486/849Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
When it comes to gibberish, nobody appreciates it more than Yours Truly. If the truth were fully known, and let's hope it isn't, I have engaged in more than my share of gibberish.

When it comes to gibberish, nobody appreciates it more than Yours Truly.
If the truth were fully known, and let's hope it isn't, I have engaged 
in more than my share of gibberish. 

Just last week the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage accosted me on
this very subject. I was trying to explain to her why I did not do 
something she asked me to do when in the middle of my explanation she 
stopped me and said, "I wish you would stop all of this gibberish and 
just tell me the truth." 

I did not point out to her at that time – there were other priorities –
but later on I mused on what she said. In her statement she made an 
assumption that I'm not quite sure is absolutely the truth. Her 
assumption, plain and simple, is that gibberish and truth are not 
synonymous. According to her, it is either gibberish or it is the 
truth, and neither shall the twain meet. 

I feel, however, that this is not fair. 

Undoubtedly, everybody would agree that there are plenty of times when
the truth is absolutely essential. The higher up the chain of authority 
the more essential that truth is. 

For example, if I am driving down the road speeding and a police officer
stops me and asks me if I was speeding, the truth will set me free. 
Especially, when the nice police officer has irrefutable evidence that 
I was in fact speeding. There is absolutely no good that can come from 
lying in a situation like this. 

Then there is the other side. If your wife asks you if the dress she is
wearing makes her look fat, believe me, the truth will not set you 
free. This is where gibberish comes in. 

There is a place for everything in life, and I am happy to say that
there is a place for gibberish. 

Now the question bears asking, what is gibberish? 

According to the dictionary, gibberish is "rapid and incoherent talk;
unintelligible chatter; jargon." That definition covers a vast 
territory of human experience. 

Nowhere in that definition does it even suggest that gibberish is the
opposite of truth. In fact, gibberish at its best is truth disguised in 
order not to hurt somebody. That somebody may be yourself or in my 
case, my wife. I employ the fine art of gibberish so as not to hurt the 
one I love. And I am sticking with that story. 

First, gibberish is "rapid and incoherent talk." Many a time this has
been my salvation. When I am caught, for example, with my hands in the 
cookie jar and someone catches me and inquires, "What are you doing?" 
this level of gibberish is employed. And the faster the better. Of 
course, if your mouth is filled with cookies at the time, all the 

Then there is the "unintelligible chatter." This is harder to master.
Not the "unintelligible" part. For many of us, especially husbands, 
this is almost a natural thing. Regardless, it becomes quite easy for 
us. The chatter part sometimes slows us down. After all, any man who 
has been married for any length of time rarely gets the opportunity to 
practice his chattering skills. This is why most husbands talk in their 

Last, but not least is "jargon." This calls for a specialized language
requiring the employment of words that do not mean anything whatsoever. 
Words like, “thingamajig” and “whatchamacallit.” For those who are 
going to master the skills of gibberish these kinds of words are 
absolutely necessary. 

When my father was working in the garage, he used to tell me, "Go get me
that thingamajig next to the whatchamacallit." I always brought him the 
hammer. He always invited me to go outside and play. 

Gibberish is a present help in time of trouble. 

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