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Bowl Movement (standard:humor, 787 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 02 2010Views/Reads: 1422/870Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Hospital stay experience that hinges on BM or bowl movement.



Subba Rao 

“For next 48 hours no solid or liquid food, not even water, we need to
do more tests on your Mr. Juggernaut” said Dr. Eswaran. The doctor 
appeared kind, respectful and intelligent. 

Forest Park in St. Louis is a wonderful place for recreation. 
Juggernaut spent most evening in the park walking. He was visiting his 
daughter living around Forest Park area.  During one of his walks in 
the park, Juggernaut felt a sharp pain in the abdomen, immediately he 
got admitted into a nearby hospital.  The hospital is a well known 
teaching hospital in the country known for clinical excellence.  The 
doctors are kind and knowledgeable. 

Juggernaut was sharing a room with another patient, a middle aged man
admitted from overdose of a prescription medication. The patient has a 
singing talent alright; he started singing intermittently throughout 
the night waking up Juggernaut.  He sang “working my way back to you 
“by Spinners.  Shortly after, he sang “let's just kiss and say good 
bye” by Manhattans.  His voice was melodious but it was too late into 
the night for Juggernaut to enjoy particularly on an empty stomach. 
During early morning hours, the patient got off his bed and started 
dancing in slow motion with an imaginary person singing “you are 
everything” by Stylistics.    All these early 70's music brought back 
memories to Juggernaut when he was much younger and more importantly 
healthier.  Juggernaut was happy to see the patient go after two nights 
of serenade. 

In the morning, a young intern Dr. Hegde came to see Juggernaut.  After
checking the vitals, she explained some medical issues with Juggernaut. 
 For Juggernaut, it was like being treated in an Indian hospital with 
so many doctors, either interns, residents, fellows or consultants of 
Indian origin dropping by for every few hours to check on him. 

With the singing patient discharged, Juggernaut hoped to get some sleep,
but not so, as another patient was wheeled in to share the room.  This 
patient suffers from schizophrenia; he kept talking to himself loud 
nonstop, sometimes changing his voice to impersonate another person. 
The two way conversation discussing a variety of subjects went 
throughout the night. 

Between taking vitals and blood samples, the nursing students kept
Juggernaut waking up and the fellow patients, the singer the first two 
nights and the schizophrenic, the following two nights kept Juggernaut 
sleepless and tired. 

“The intravenous antibiotics combination you are getting should take
care of your stomach infection, Mr. Juggernaut”, said Dr. Sharma, a 
pleasant and friendly face. “If all goes well, you will get to eat from 
tomorrow morning, only clear food though,” the doctor's voice was 

It was almost 5 days in the hospital, Juggernaut was anxious to get out
since he was feeling fine and having some solid food to eat. 

“We could only let you go once you have a BM” said the nurse. 


“You know bowl movement,” explained the nurse. 

The next several hours, the nurse came checking to hear his belly. “I
hear no murmurs yet,” she left. 

Another day passed, “Any BM yet?” asked the attending doctor. 

“Not yet.”  The pressure is mounting on Juggernaut. 

“Shit”, thought Juggernaut loudly.  On a second thought, “yeah, that's
what has to come out.” 

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