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A simple glass of wine (standard:humor, 799 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Jun 08 2011Views/Reads: 1267/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Janie was looking for work in a nice restaurant,but the things she encountered were not so nice.

A SIMPLE GLASS OF WINE Word count 799 

It was nineteen eighty when I went looking for a job to support my young
daughter Sissy and myself. I had only worked as a waitress after I left 
school. The work was very hard, but I was used to hard work with being 
raised on a farm. I was looking to find work in a rather nice 
restaurant instead of the small eateries that I had worked in. I 
checked out a couple of nice restaurants, but they seemed   a little 
too high class. I had never served different cocktails and really I 
didn't know one from another. I knew I would have to be taught if I 
wanted to work in a nice restaurant. I finally settled for a nice 
family restaurant with a good reputation and a touch of class. I made 
the appointment to talk to the manager I introduced myself Janie Snook. 
The manager's name was Gena she seemed intelligent, and a hardworking 

When I walked in the restaurant I noticed how short staffed they were.
The customers all had boredom or an angry look on their faces. The 
young waitresses were running back and forth with their faces beat red 
as they tried to keep up. As I followed Gina back a hallway that was 
lined with bus tubs full of dirty dishes. I saw two bus boys just 
standing there talking, not bothering to take the dishes to the 
dishwasher. The office was located at the end of the hallway. As I 
hurried behind Gina I glanced up at the ceiling at some rotting, 
bulging tile. I hurried past it fearing the tile may burst and water 
and tile would come down hitting me on the head. We finally reached the 
office and I started to have second thoughts about the job after the 
things I saw. 

Since they were short-staffed Gina wanted me to start right away. So I
thought I would give it a try. I would have to learn how to ring the 
food up on a computer. I found it would be sink or swim for me because 
the other waitresses did very little to help me. Hostesses were hired 
young and old. They had no idea how to seat customers so that all the 
waitresses would get their fair share of people. It seemed they had a 
lot of banquets also. The waitresses complained that the people working 
the banquets would come out to the restaurant area and take what 
supplies they needed This left the restaurant short on supplies. 

This was hard for me to understand since I had never worked in an
establishment this large. One of the waiters told me that the 
restaurant used to be the best in town and the money was great until it 
changed hands and then everything went to pot. My worst experience at 
this restaurant involved a glass of wine. One of my customers asked for 
the wine. I took the order to the computer and rang it up. Walking 
swiftly towards the bar area I glanced at the red-faced perpiring line 
cook. I almost fell in a river of dirty water that was leaking from the 
dishwasher. When I finally reached the bar area I saw the empty shelves 
where the wine glasses should have been stored. On the floor were 
yellow and green glass racks that I frantically rummaged through to try 
and find a wine glass. There wasn't one in any of the racks. There 
seemed to be a large variety of drink glasses but no wine glass. 
Feeling more and more frustrated. I hurried towards the banquet area 
there I encountered more green and yellow glass racks stacked on top of 
one another for me to rummage through. After a while I mumbled to 
myself finally a wine glass. I walked quickly back towards the bar area 
Past the disgruntled line cook yelling pick up your order!!! , But I 
felt that glass of wine was more important.  I was almost there, as I 
walked quick to the lounge area through the river of dirty water where 
I almost fell again.  Finally I reached the bar area and as I opened 
the wine cooler door where the large bottles of wine were stored it was 
empty. I yelled hysterically  “ who's supposed to fill the wine cooler” 
a guy who worked at the bar was sitting on one of the stools, his long 
straggly hair was held back in a ponytail. He looked at me with a 
sleepy disoriented look in his eyes and said  “there was plenty of wine 
in the cooler yesterday.” This ended my days of witnessing. I quit the 
job the next day. I then went looking for work as a secretary. 


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