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Tiptoeing through the 60s (standard:humor, 910 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Jul 24 2011Views/Reads: 1397/818Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Now that I have safely escaped the infamous 50-something stage of life, I am carefully testing the waters before me. They look calm, but you never can be sure. Moreover, at this juncture of my life I am in no mood for taking chances.

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good and long with mouthwash, turned off the light and headed back for 

From the other side of the bed I heard another moan, "Were you brushing
your teeth?" 

"No," I muttered incoherently, "I got a drink of tea from the kitchen." 

"You shouldn't drink tea before you go to bed, it'll make you go to the

I soon fell asleep but was awakened with a very urgent need to go to the
bathroom. In a panic I stumbled out of bed, could not find my slippers, 
my bathrobe was nowhere to be found but I had to go to the bathroom. 

The next thing I remember the alarm clock was ringing and it was seven
o'clock in the morning. I still do not know if I ever went to the 
bathroom but now I know why older men go to the bathroom so often 
during the night. 

That morning in my devotions, I read from the Psalms. "I have been
young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor 
his seed begging bread" (Psalm 37:25 KJV). 

I am thinking this 60-something is going to require some fancy footwork.


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