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BLUE (standard:humor, 1543 words)
Author: BENTLINKAdded: Aug 19 2011Views/Reads: 1592/1080Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Jerry gets ideas day and night but this may be the big one.


“Deb wondered who in the hell could be calling her at five o'clock in
the morning.” 

She knew from 70 years of life experience that phone calls coming at 5AM
were unlikely to offer up good news. 

“Hello if this is a wrong number call I will hunt you down and kill

Debra suffered from arthritis and like most nights was awake until after
midnight.  She had taken medication for pain and a mild sleeping pill 
but both drugs effects had worn off hours ago.  She was unusually rude 
to whoever was calling letting them know she was in no way happy about 
having her sleep interrupted at this ungodly hour. 

“Deb I have got to tell someone about this and I thought of you right

“Jerry is that you?  Are you nuts it's five o'clock in the morning for
God's sake?  What the hell are you thinking?” 

Jerry was an old friend of Debs that for one short period in her life
had been a lot more than just a friend.  The fling had been in their 
college days, many years and two of Debs' marriages ago.  Jerry still 
reached out to her when he wanted to brag about one of his new 
inventions.  Often of late, he only called when someone had hurt his 
feelings by rejecting one of his harebrained ideas.  Jerry was one of 
those real smart guys that have no common sense what so ever.  He 
frequently got miffed when ordinary people treated him as if he was 
odd. As a matter of fact, Jerry was odd, but smart as hell and 
absolutely tireless when on one of his project quests. 

“Deb you need to get dressed and come over to my basement workshop right
away.  I have something here you just have to experience.” 

“Look Jerry the only place I am going is back to bed and for that I
don't have to get dressed.”  She regretted having said the last part 
because it sounded as if she had been sleeping nude instead of wearing 
flannel pajamas that smelled of the liniment she always applied to her 
painful knees before retiring. 

“No Deb don't go back to bed you have to see this.  Look I will drive
over and pick you up.  Get dressed I will be downstairs in ten minutes. 
You have just got to look at what I have done.” 

“Okay Jerry but lets make it twenty minutes and this had better be a lot
more important than you getting your feelings hurt by some woman in 
Billie's Bistro because she did not understand your peace plan for the 
middle east.” 

“No way would I call you just for that.  I learned my lesson the last
time when you hung up on me ten times in a row.  This is big I mean 
really big!” 

Deb knew Jerry well enough to understand that he was on the last part of
one of his invention highs and that if she hung up the phone he would 
only call back until she relented and did as he ask. 

Deb took a quick shower to remove the liniment odor.  She pulled on
loose fitting sweat pants and a matching top, ran a comb through her 
still wet hair then grabbed a jacket from the hall closet.  She stepped 
back from the curb only seconds before Jerry's speeding rag top Jeep 
came to a screeching halt atop the spot she had stood.  Jerry looked 
elated and fresh as a teenager; it was obvious his new invention high 
was in full bloom.  If Jerry held true to form, he would finish all the 
major work on his new creation then crash and sleep for two days and 
nights.  Deb strapped herself into the passenger's seat and held on 
tight until the manic Jerry pulled up to the side entrance of his house 
and workshop. 

“I love the funny blue color of the thing.  What does it do? 

“Well it started out to be a way to improve my vision by using the

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