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Cookies (standard:humor, 1408 words)
Author: BENTLINKAdded: Oct 02 2011Views/Reads: 1811/1086Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sometimes those front door deals work out for the best.


Mary lifted her head above the last row of tomato plants and listened
intently.  She was sure she had heard the distant sound of door chimes. 
 Yes now she was certain someone was ringing at the front door.  She 
hurried to the back porch removed her gardening shoes and walked in 
stocking feet to the front door.  She put her eye close to the doors 
security peephole and saw only an empty front stoop and entry walk.  
Satisfied that who ever had been ringing the bell had gone away she 
turned and walked toward the rear of the house intent on getting back 
to her beloved garden. 

She had taken no more than three steps when the door chimes sounded
again.  She walked rapidly to the door and again using the peephole 
lens took a long look at the front walk.  Then thinking she might have 
someone hiding on the left or right moved her head side to side to 
change the angle of her view.  It was only when she stood on tiptoe to 
get a downward view of the front steps that she caught momentary sight 
of a moving jet black blob almost below her line of sight. 

Mary hastily unlatched and flung open the door and to her amazement came
face to face with what could only be described as a two and a half foot 
tall perfect living china doll complete with traditional ceremonial 

“You wish to buy my good fortune cookies fine lady?” 

“I'm sorry what did you say child” 

“I say I ask.  You wish to buy my good fortune cookies fine lady?” 

“I think you are asking if I want to buy some fortune cookies.  Is that
what you ask?” 

“I am so sorry that I make you misunderstand I sell good fortune cookies
for my Grandfather who waits.” 

Only after the tiny girl said grandfather did Mary notice the large
shinny almost sinister black limousine sitting directly across the 
street from her house.  The windows were darkened so that no one was 
even faintly visible inside the auto but Mary did notice that the door 
to the behemoths passenger section was slightly ajar. 

“Please fine lady you buy my good fortune cookies now?” 

“Maybe I will buy some good fortune cookies if you will go away and stop
ringing my door bell.  Good fortune cookies must cost a lot if they pay 
to put gas in that grandfather bus across the street.  Let me get my 
purse.  You just wait right here now.  Just how much did you say the 
cookies cost?” 

“You get the fine lady special price ten dollar.” 

“Ten dollars a box is too much for a dozen cookies.  I'm so sorry but
that is far too much money for me.” 

“Oh no I am so sorry that I make you misunderstand again fine lady.  Ten
dollar is not good for you.  But it is only the fine lady special that 
you get four cookies only ten dollar.” 

“Maybe I should talk to your grandfather about his pricing.  How much
would it be without the fine lady special price?” 

“Oh fine lady that is easy to say about so you do not misunderstand. 
Price without fine lady special ten dollar each good fortune cookie.  
Both ways good fortune is for sure...  Grandfather say no good fortune 
give money back take back all cookies. 

“All right precious just stay here and I will get my purse.” Good
fortune indeed, somebody had a lot of nerve using that beautiful child 
to peddle cookies door to door Mary thought.  I can kiss this ten 
dollars goodbye and get back to my garden and I hope the old man or 
whoever put her up to this chokes on my ten spot. 

“Here child now be off with you and don't ring my door bell ever again.”

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