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ROGER'S FABULOUS VOYAGES, PART 3, CHAPTER 6. (standard:humor, 767 words) [6/10] show all parts
Author: Danny ZilAdded: Jun 18 2012Views/Reads: 1139/823Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Thropely, Doris and Stan decide to leave Klyzemadex and make plans to leave with Roger on his Ship.


The predictions of Thropely, Stan and poor Arthur very quickly came
true. No sooner had the Germans taken over the pits when they started 
taking over Klyzemadex, bit by bit. Since coal was the planet's most 
valuable commodity, anybody without a job was being forced to work in 
the mines whether they wanted to or not. It was time to go. 

Supper a couple of weeks later therefore was the last supper. The Chef
de la Maison, Madame Doris Grime, had surpassed herself with a 
mouth-watering creation of alien's brain on toast. 

After supper and retired to the lounge and pipe going to his
satisfaction, Thropely told Roger their plans 

“We all have t' leave Klyzemadex, lad,” he said. “You as well.” 

“Christ on the shitter! I've only just got here!” retorted Roger,
clapping a hand to his mouth. 

They all laughed. 

“Still sayin things ye don't want to, eh lad?” asked Thropely 

Roger nodded. 

“Told ye that would happen, love,” said Doris. “Yer bein punished for
complainin about yer role. Now d'ye believe me?” 

Roger nodded again, a worried look on his face. 

“Tell lad our plan,” said Stan. 

“We've decided t' leave wi you on your Ship,” Thropely told him. 

“With me!? Haven't you got your own Ship?” Roger asked, surprised that
he'd actually said something he'd wanted to. 

“Nae lad. We burned it when we landed. Symbolic gesture like. Ah'm only
half-way through buildin another.” 

“We're all goin t' go disguised as miners,” Stan told him. 

“Dressed in old clothes and blacked up wi coal dust,” added Thropely. 

“An Ah've knitted us nice swastika armbands,” said Doris, holding one

“But why should we leave?” Roger asked. 

“Germans!” spat Thropely 

“Fuckin Krauts!” spat Stan. 

“They've taken over at pits,” went on Thropely, “an like poor Arthur
said, they've started takin over planet.” 

“So how does that affect us?” 

“Well they'll force everybody t' talk german for a start,” explained

“Aye, then they'll force ye t' talk german even when yer at home,” added

“And this sullied english language will melt, thaw and resolve itself
into a dew,” said Doris poetically. 

“Aye, ye've summed up all us feelins there, our lass,” said Thropely. 

“Then they'll take younger folk like you an even Wilf an force ye t'
work down pit,” said Stan 

“Like hell they will!” drawled the dead John Wayne. 

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