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A walk under the rain (standard:romance, 753 words)
Author: abigail drewAdded: Sep 08 2012Views/Reads: 2868/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A rainy afternoon as my crush and I walk towards home...

It's time for my short story of mine between me...and my crush. It is
normal for a girl in my age to have these crushes on somebody we type. 

Alright, my crush and I are good friends. We are classmates and team
mates in debate together with Donna and I always advice him about 
leadership. We do get some teases occasionally but we just ignored them 
and continue talking, no wonder we get less teases. He does the 
reasoning out if we're teased by someone. But that doesn't mean that I 
am just nothing. 

It was one rainy afternoon that we had our debate. The topic was broad
and we had a hard time doing our arguments and points. During the 
debate proper, he somewhat messed up and got out of our “battle cry”. 
“Oh man,” my crush complained just after his turn. He was head down and 
ruffling his hair- a sign that he is agitated. “I messed it up. Oh, if 
we're going to lose it would be my entire fault” he added. “Nope,” I 
assured him. “It's not yours. We were all nervous during that time. 
Anyway, it's not too late; if we lost, it's ok. Donna and I don't blame 
you”. He doesn't seem like himself during that time- acknowledging his 
mistake. He's the sort of person and leader who is hardcore, tempered 
and irresponsible (his members would feedback on his back). 

Luckily, we won the debate. We were tired from the debate and have to
face the next challenge: heavy rain. 

It was already five thirty when the debate finished and I must go home
as well as him. I learned that our houses are near each other but not 
neighbors “Are you back gate?” he asked me. I nodded even though I was 
actually front. He also guessed I was actually front gate and not back. 
In school, we have two gates by the way. 

Oh, it's raining” I commented even though it was raining for the past
two hours. We had to go out of the long shed that we walked to reach 
the back gate. As a girl, umbrellas are always in my bag. I opened my 
bas and took my umbrella. 

“I bet you don't have one.” I said. “Nope. Girls are always ready.” He
commented as we walked to the open. He used his suitcase as his 
improvised shade against the rain. 

“Hey! You might get wet.” I said as I offer to share my umbrella with
him. It's not because he's my crush, blah blah, but I'm just concerned 
for his health. No malice there, ok? 

“Nah, its ok” he said as he walked with his suitcase above his head.
“Ah, is it because of the “malice”?” I asked. “There's no one here to 
tease right?” “No,” he assured. “I'm just... shy”. I got the point 
although it's sad. I did share my umbrella with Tracy, my other 
classmate. He obliged. He was very particular with his health. 

My crush and I reached the shade at the back gate. We stopped for
awhile. I fixed my shirt as he took something from his bag: a raincoat. 

“You have a raincoat? Why didn't you wear it awhile ago?” I asked him,
surprised. “Nah. If you want, you may go ahead.” My crush suggested as 
he wore his raincoat. I waited for him. Why? 

We walked together under the rain, talking at the same time. When we
reached the main street, there was no tricycle. “Oh, there's no vehicle 
here. I think I should walk” I said sadly. So we continued walking. A 
tricycle passed by. “Aren't you going to ride?”He asked me. “I would 
rather walk” I answered knowing that later when we reach the crossroad 
and he will go on his way, without him seeing, I will get a tricycle. 

When we reached the crossroad, we said goodbye. At home, I hid in my
room, wondering why `I do that? We were both late the following day. 

I related the experience to Charlyn, my classmate. I dubbed it as a
dream and the identity of my companion unknown. Despite the several 
interruptions by other classmates, I finished the narration. She 
laughed a couple times, especially the part when the boy declined my 
offer. “Ah, Your dream is romantic. How I wished you can still remember 
the boy...” She commented, smiling. I laughed saying that my mind must 
be imagining those things. 

Sadly, it really did happen- in a walk under the rain. 


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